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Energy Efficiency Communities - establishing pilot communities for the building sector (EFFCOBUILD)

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The project aimed to overcome existing barriers for capitalising on energy saving potentials in the target communities' building sectors. Joint economic and environmental interests were brought together by involving and connecting the different stakeholders such as building owners, public authorities, financial institutions, private companies and politicians. A 'virtual saving power plant' for each community was developed based on energy demand analysis which helped citizens to realise the potentials of the energy saving measures. The project demonstrated that environmental protection can positively affect economic benefits for the region, as energy saving measures enabled the economic added value to remain mostly in the local area and region. To support promotion and dissemination activities for the project a brochure with the 10 "best of" examples of energy efficiency measures in buildings from each community has been produced and is available for download.


  • involved communities received a detailed concept of measures to enhance energy efficiency in their local area
  • implemented energy saving measures provided a positive stimulus for regional economic development, employment and social cohesion
  • pilot communities served as a role model for further communities in their region and beyond

Lessons learned

  • even ambitious communities are not aware of the big saving potentials existing in their villages - they still need assistance in order to identify and realise these saving potentials
  • many communities are open to guidance in order to set measures in their sphere of influence - but it needs qualified players to address and convince them
  • Refurbishment projects in particularly small communities can often be too small scale to become viable through contracting models. New approaches on financing such projects at a smaller scale are required.

Partners and coordinator

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Österreichische Gesellschaft für Umwelt und Technik, Austrian Society for Environment and Technol
Contact point: 
Michael Kolpek
0043 1 / 315 63 93 30
Herbert Greisberger


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01/01/2006 to 30/06/2008
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