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Energy Efficiency Watch 3 (EEW3)

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The core objective of EEW3 is to establish a constant feedback loop on the implementation of European and national energy efficiency policies and thus enable mutual learning on effective policy making across the EU. EEW3 screens progress of national policies, looks into legislative documents, seeks experts’ knowledge via an EU-wide survey and creates new consultation platforms with a wide spectrum of stakeholders (parliamentarians, regions, cities; European, business and expert stakeholders). It compiles 28 country reports, provides strategic conclusions for more effective policies and presents 10 case studies of well-established policy packages and a Feedback Loop Report. It thereby intends to improve the implementation of European energy efficiency policies on the energy demand side, such as the new Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) as the main focus of EEW3, but also related policies like the Energy Performance in Buildings Directive (EPBD) and the Eco-Design (ErP) Directive on the national, but also on the regional and local level.EEW3 aims to support the political work in the field of energy efficiency and intends to sharpen the understanding of success or failure of policies, show reasons for discrepancies between legislation and reality by creating an ongoing feedback process all over Europe. EEW3 intends to motivate political action among decision makers, especially among parliamentarians (European Parliament, EU28 national Parliaments).


  • Strong focus of the network of Parliamentarians on energy efficiency as precondition for a better experience exchange in order to find the best political and legislative measures, instruments and activities.
  • Creation of a constant feedback loop establishing the flow of information from all over Europe back to political institutions on all levels thereby creating an effective policy cycle which is able to create better and more effective policy output and to better understand new business models and innovation policies for Europe.
  • Strong and active discussions on energy efficiency among different sectorial, national, regional and local networks, stakeholders and civil society in order to further activate their work on national energy efficiency policies and to improve the feedback on the NEEAPs and other national EE legislation in a bottom-up approach – through a large number of networking events.
  • Based on the broad input from all over Europe, 28 country reports and good practice case studies will be published and strategic policy conclusions will be drawn.
  • Midterm goal: Increased awareness, level of knowledge of and experience exchange amongst Parliamentarians, other decision makers and stakeholders across Europe on political measures and activities within the framework of the EED and other EE legislation – information provision through EEW3 competence centre (surveys and feedbacks, document screening, country reports, good practice case studies and strategic policy conclusions): 28 country reports, EEW3 feedback loop report, brochure “European Policy and Business Conclusions”, newsletters, press releases, media campaigns.
  • Midterm goal: Facilitate the process of implementation of EU legislation at the national, regional and local level. Despite good EU legislation and ambitious national plans, energy efficiency measures are often not implemented in full on national, regional and local level. The project aims at facilitating this implementation process from the core EU Energy Efficiency policies down to the regional and local action level. It intends to support the practical implementation of energy efficiency policies on the ground and the formulation of new and more effective policies on all levels in the future.
  • Long-term goal is the coherent implementation of the EED, EPBD, ErP and related policies.

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European Forum for Renewable Energy Sources
Renewable Energy House
Rue d'Arlon 63-65
1040 Brussels


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19/08/2014 to 18/08/2017
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