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EESI - European Energy Service Initiative (EESI)

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Energy performance contracting (EPC) is a proven and cost-efficient instrument for tapping existing energy saving potentials in the buildings sector. For harvesting these potentials, the European Energy Service Initiative (EESI) will broadly promote the implementation of EPC, thus contributing strongly to the establishment of effective energy service markets in Europe. EESI will make use of existing standards and tools for EPC and other energy services, which were developed and have been successfully tested in earlier European projects such as ClearContract, ClearSupport, and Eurocontract.


  • Initiation of 24 signed EPC projects in the participating countries. With these projects, EESI succeeded to trigger more than 36 mio€ of investments that will generate savings of around 4,5 mio€/year. These projects cover different kind of buildings including schools, hospitals or universities but also public lighting systems. The duration of the contracts varies among the projects between 2 to 15 years and the guaranteed savings between 10 to 58 %.
  • Local and regional capacity-building have been successfully provided to market actors throughout national online-help desks, frequent training events for local authorities, companies, and multipliers. These activities were in general successful and succeeded to attract more than 2.000 participants.
  • The 60 EESI-trainings triggered a fair number of project initiatives. Although some of them are still in a conceptual phase, others are already in deeper discussion of project development.
  • The EESI promotional campaign implied the integration of EPC issues in national trade fairs as well as the organisation of the high-profile annual awarding events of the "European Energy Service Award" (EESA) 2009, 2010 and 2011.
  • Websites on EPC online with constantly updated news, hotline contacts, good practice examples and tools from 10 countries.

Lessons learned

  • The awareness and interest for Energy Performance Contracting is rising throughout Europe and there is an increasing high interest in the European Energy Service Day.
  • However, many authorities are still missing knowledge on the implementation and versatility of the EPC tool. Therefore, it is necesssary to put a strong focus on dissemination, education and training.
  • The potentials for EPC are still large in Europe although most ESCO markets are still very immature or in early stage of development. Some countries are still lacking the legal framework and procuremnt regulations to implement EPC projects or are currently facing administrative barriers.

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Berliner EnergieagenturGmbH
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Laurenz Hermann
+ 49 30 – 29 33 30 69
Eva Marx
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Vanessa Schmidt
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Achim Neuhäuser
+49 30 – 29 33 30 601
Claudia Alt
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David Uong
+49 30 – 29 33 30 603


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01/07/2009 to 30/06/2012
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