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European Energy Radio Campaign (EER CAMPAIGN)

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The project foresees a radio campaign called "Dynamo Effect" structured in 30 radio broadcast emitted by a network of 300 radios in seven European countries. Parters will also organize local initiatives- Energy days- in the seven European countries to promote the radio campaign. The broadcasting will start in January 2010 and in the meanwhile the website will collect by and by the scientific material produced by the scientific partner and local experts on the following 10 topics: Climate Change, Food and agriculture, Green Home, Renewable heating and cooling, Green electricity, Electricity end-use, Recycle and re-use, Smart Mobility, Smart Vehicles and Green Company. Local scientific experts support radio journalists with documentation that will be published on Dynamo Effect website from September 2009.


  • To increase the information about alternative energy sources and the intelligent use of energy through 210 programmes broadcast in seven EU countries by 302 radio stations in 7 countries.
  • To bridge the gap between new opportunities (products present on the normal market) and their widespread adoption by raising citizen’s awareness through the efficacy of the campaign
  • To increase the demand on the market of products that allow efficient use of energy in terms of: energy saving; renewable sources; reduction in greenhouse gas emission through the local initiatives organised in each of 7 countries
  • To give to the key actors the ability to carry on this campaign using the scientific documents, the audio materials and the reports for best practices that are free of use on the project’s web site.

Lessons learned

  • The project is currently being implemented

Partners and coordinator

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Radio Popolare
Contact point: 
Marco Di Puma
+39 023 924 1400


In brief

01/10/2008 to 30/04/2011
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