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EE MUSIC – The European Initiative for Upscaling Energy Efficiency in the Music Event Industry (EE MUSIC)

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Music event production is a booming industry with increasing energy consumption and environmental impact. Music festivals, concerts and clubbing events are energy intensive, but due to lack of targeted information, training on energy management and specific financial schemes, the energy saving potential of this industry remains largely untapped. EE MUSIC tackled information and financial barriers and provide tools for energy management in the music event sector. The project developed tailored training schemes for promoters of music events who are committed to implement energy saving measures. Seminars were being implemented for energy experts and promoters who are interested to transfer knowledge to the music event industry. During this process, a large number of committed participants (promoters, artists, equipment and power suppliers and booking agencies) were involved to raise awareness and mobilise promoters for action towards energy efficient event production. The project reached out to 2 242 festival organizers, venue owners, supporters and event attendees, achieving 4 204 toe cumulative primary energy savings and total 5 250 toe energy savings when including both primary energy savings and diesel savings and a total of 17 890 t CO2e cumulative reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.


  • 15 good practice venues and clubs, 12 good practice festivals and events, and 3 good practice pioneers presented in case studies from 10 EU countries (UK, PT, NO, AT, DE, ES, RO, LU, DK, SE) presenting a cross-section of small and large venues and festivals with differing resources available.At least one energy efficient equipment and service provider indicated in 27 countries in the 27 country sections; and a general overview of service and equipment providers given in a section in the market study.
  • Benchmarks produced based on data submitted to all 11 country versions of the IG Tools
  • 24 EE MUSIC Workshops with 400 participants organized in the respective countries.
    • Key topics have been the presentation of the EE MUSIC IG Tools and good practice examples of energy efficiency and sustainable measures implemented in clubs and venues.
    • 11 EE MUSIC Launches have been held in ten countries. Awareness about the topic of energy saving was risen by 646 participants.
  • 2 242 festival organizers, venue owners, supporters and event attendees registered at the website, of which:
    • 2 088 festival organizers and venue owners, 23 power suppliers and energy experts, 43 supporters, 88 event signups
46.7 GWh primary energy savings achieved.4 204 toe cumulative primary energy savings achieved; total 5 250 toe energy savings when including both primary energy savings and diesel savings17 890 t CO2e cumulative reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

Lessons learned

The music event sectors in the different countries show drastic variance in their levels of progress on energy efficiency. Markets for energy efficient music events in the Eastern European countries are at a very early stage and some of the Western European countries like The Netherlands apply widely established sustainability and energy efficiency measures. Consequently, activities like workshops to promote the EE MUSIC Industry Green (IG) Tools and energy audits for clubs don't deliver the expected outcomes everywhere. Moreover, in Bulgaria due to very low energy prices energy auditing for clubs is currently unrewarding. Hence, in some countries (BG, HR, CZ, SK, EL) the focus was shifted to activities related to awareness raising, networking and market investigation.Despite great audience reach, the music event production industry is currently a very fragmented network of SMEs overlapping with other industries (such as the corporate events industry, the tourism industry, the construction industry, etc.). It is therefore hugely dependant on existing suppliers in the market. This means that if the local market for energy efficiency or renewable energy is not yet developed, a single enthusiastic venue or festival will struggle to make meaningful operational change. In many cases, venues and festivals reached through EE MUSIC were enthusiastic at taking action, but subsequently frustrated because they could not find the suppliers (or funding) to take this further.

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WIP GmbH & Co Planungs-KG
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Martha Bissman


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15/05/2013 to 14/01/2016
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