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European Enterprises' Climate Cup (EECC)

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The project aims to increase transparency on energy consumption, CO2 emission and costs in SMEs by establishing and maintaining an energy management and advice service in 10 member states.A significant number of European companies and employees shall be involved in a process to improve energy efficiency in offices. Employees shall be convinces to regard saving energy as a common action at work and to apply experiences gained also at home. Energy Efficiency shall be considered an important element in CSR concepts of SMEs.


  • European campaign targeting SMEs to save energy in office buildings in 12 countries, 1 European and 12 national web portals providing information on energy efficiency and green products and access to the online energy management system ESA for SMEs.
  • Involvement of 30 companies in each country resulting in 360 companies in 12 countries. 1,800 employees involved in each country attending information activities in participating companies, in total 21,600 employees deeply involved in all countries. 12 ESA applications adapted to national conditions will be integrated into national EECC websites and used as energy management system by the participating SMEs.
  • 11 national versions of the online adviser Standby Check and of the mobile App for data entries adapted and integrated into the campaign and corporate websites or offered in App stores. A training App for energy agents, CEOs and employees designed to motivate for energy efficiency improvements.
  • In each country at least 3 workshops organized for the energy agents of the participating companies and 6 energy weeks promoting special energy topics within companies.
  • Companies enter their heat energy and electricity consumption data monthly resulting in resulting in almost 13,000 data entries.

Lessons learned

  • Project started in March 2014

Partners and coordinator

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co2online gemeinnutzige Beratungsgesellschaft mbH
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Mrs. Tanja Loitz
Ms Claudia Julius


In brief

26/02/2014 to 25/08/2016
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