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Energy Efficiency Paths in Educational Buildings (EDUCA RUE)

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Educa-RUE, through a number of interconnected actions, will develop an optimal process to be applied and replicated at local level. The project will develop actions for the qualification of the technicians and certifiers which will have a key role in the implementation of the Directive on local building. Educa-RUE will study possible improvements in the applicative procedures of the Directive, supporting and enhancing specific financial tools and procedural incentives to promote the more efficient use of energy in building As the project will act upon a range of problem areas such as legislation, certification, education, economic and financial issues, training, information and dissemination, the first direct beneficiaries of the project results will be local policy makers. The involvement of local government players is ensured by the composition of the partnership belonging to 4 EU countries and the attention focused on the issue of energy efficiency at local level. The Local levels will act, where existing, through the collaboration of Local energy agencies, ensuring technical support an eventually training capacity.


  • Development of actions to support and encourage sustainable energy usage trough the development of Local Energy Plans based on eco-compatible criteria;
  • The definition of a eco-compatible energy management model for public buildings;
  • Strengthen the role of local authorities in the implementation of European and national legislation
  • Increasing the awareness of local players and public institutions vis-à-vis the sustainable use of energy as a result of both "strong" highly technical project actions and "soft" actions of communication and information dissemination;
  • Increase the adoption of social behaviours environmentally friendly, developing and updating the technical skills of energy sector operators by involving all the partners in joint actions which will include the organization of the training courses developed by the project at local level

Lessons learned

  • The involvement and training of local stakeholders(architects, engineers, public employees, installers, technicians)is crucial for the success of the preparation of a local plan for the retrofitting of schools.

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Provincia Di Potenza
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Enrico Spera
0039 -0971-417252


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01/01/2008 to 30/06/2010
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