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Ecodriving - Widespread Implementation for Learners and Licensed Drivers (ECOWILL)

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ECOWILL makes use of and builds further on the networks, momentum, know-how and deliverables established and produced in former and currently running EC projects like TREATISE, FLEAT and in particular ECODRIVEN. ECOWILL is the next step and will roll out ecodriving snack training courses to the mass by deploying the existing infrastructure of driving schools. ECOWILL will also further introduce and roll out e-learning methods. In addition, ECOWILL aims at harmonisation of driving lessons and driving tests for learner drivers. In collaboration with EFA (driving school association) and CIECA (examination association) in those countries in which ecodriving is not part of learner education and driver test, ECOWILL engages administrations to develop legislation for incorporation of ecodriving in the driver test and driving schools to integrate ecodriving in their driving lessons. By aiming at the driving school curricula and the driver test ECOWILL guarantees a sustainable lasting effect even beyond the conclusion of the project.


  • Compilation of updated Ecodriving tips, the so called ‘Five Golden Rules of Ecodriving", accompanied by ten ‘Silver Rules’.
  • Application of quality standards for ecodriving Conduction of train-the-trainer seminars directed at driving instructors in all participating countries. The seminars were carried out for Ecodriving education for learner drivers ("level 1", two days) and short-duration-trainings ("level 2", one day).
  • Harmonisation of Ecodriving in driving school curricula and driving tests and application of quality standards for ecodriving trainings and instructor education. Involvement of 1,500,000 licensed drivers Conducting at least 10,500 ecodriving trainings for licensed drivers
  • Quantitative targets: Training of at least 500 driving instructors and educating 10,000,000 learner and novice drivers. Conducting at least 10,500 ecodriving trainings for licensed drivers, involvement of 1,500,000 licensed drivers
  • 5-10% less fuel consumption of participants of Ecodriving courses

Lessons learned

  • The situation of Ecodriving integration and development in the countries is very diverse and even in advanced countries there is still room for improvement. In every country a different approach is required for further development of Ecodriving activities, taking into account the current state of play of Ecodriving integration and development, national circumstances, legal, environmental and cultural specifics.
  • Existing Ecodriving tips needed to be updated taking into account all technical aspects of most recent engine developments. Thus the consortium has defined, in a common discussion process involving also external experts, the so called ‘Five Golden Rules of Ecodriving", accompanied by ten ‘Silver Rules’, in order to achieve the best implementation of Ecodriving techniques and avoid misuse from driving instructors and drivers in each country.
  • It is extremely important to carefully select the participating driving instructors for train-the-trainer seminars as they will act later as national multipliers. These individual qualification criteria cover a driving instructor’s knowledge, experience and skills to teach other driving instructors ensuring a high quality of later activities and ensure a proper country-wide Ecodriving training roll-out

Partners and coordinator

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Österreichische Energieagentur
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Mr Reinhard Jellinek
Bernd Schaeppi
0043 1 586 15 24
Dr Bernd Schäppi
+43 1 586 15 24
G?nter R. Simader
Bernd Schäppi
+43 1 586 15 24-147
Marton Varga
0043 1 586 15 24 - 72


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01/05/2010 to 30/04/2013
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