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ECO Stars Europe (ECOSTARS)

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ECOSTARS Europe promotes more energy efficient and cleaner freight movements by providing recognition, guidance and advice to operators of goods vehicle fleets. The scheme will rate vehicles and operating practices using star rating criteria, to recognise levels of environmental and energy-saving performance. Each operator signing up to the scheme will receive tailor-made support to ensure that their fleet is running as efficiently and economically as possible, to help them progress to higher ratings within the scheme. The project is based on a successful scheme developed by local authorities in South Yorkshire in the United Kingdom which has been operational since early 2009. The scheme will be open to operators of all types of commercial vehicles across all sectors of activity (private and public sector) and of all sizes, with a focus on freight operations. Operators joining the scheme will benefit from: - Recognition at vehicle and operational levels for current energy efficient operations. - Support in identifying measures which improve environmental and energetic performance, potentially leading to increased star ratings over time.  Additional opportunities for en


  • Establish eight local ECOSTARS schemes with membership consisting of local fleets
  • 112,005t CO2e/year reduction in Project Year 3 of green house gas emissions
  • An overall reduction in fuel energy use of recruited fleets by a further 5% year on year improvement in each partner scheme attributable to operator fuel management methods
  • Identify a 20% increase in the number of drivers of transport operator members receiving annual eco-driving training in each local scheme
  • 60% of reference group members who have adapted their approach to engagement with other stakeholders based on lessons learnt from ECOSTARS

Lessons learned

  • N/A at this stage in the project

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Transport & Travel Research Ltd
United Kingdom
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Blackledge David
Mr Donald Chalker


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21/04/2011 to 21/01/2014
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