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Energy efficiency and environmental criteria in the awarding of regional rail transport vehicles and services (ECORAILS)

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Regional rail transport for passengers possesses inherent advantages for an efficient energy use and high eco friendliness. A key to improve rail systems' energy efficiency is the procurement of rolling stock and services by regional Public Transport Administrations, where basic criteria for railway operations for up to 30 years are decided. The European railway market is increasingly managed by awarding, whereas the role of Public Transport Administrations is quite new and different awarding criteria are covered. More and more administrations are responsible for awarding without appropriate decision support on energy criteria use. ECORailS will elaborate, demonstrate and disseminate Europe-wide applicable, legally-secure guidelines providing administrations with decision guidance on how to integrate and evaluate energy efficiency criteria in regional awarding. Four regional administrations (Berlin, Oresund, Brescia and Timisoara), representing the different legal and market approaches in Europe, will undertake a performance test of the ECORailS guidelines on the basis of real-life awarding documents.


  • Improvement of energy efficiency: – 5% in comparison to current awarding – 10% with regard to the currently used rolling stock – In the long term: System-wide improvement of energy efficiency for regional railway by 15% by 2020
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions: – 5% in comparison to current awarding and – 10% with regard to the currently used rolling stock – In the long term: System-wide reduction of CO2 for regional railway by 15% by 2020

Lessons learned

  • The complexity of the project objectives, in particular with regard to the Guidelines elaboration, testing and validation raised the need for exchanging detailed discussion points, repeating clarifications and updates in a high number and frequency of meet-ings.
  • The ECORailS User Platform as advisory board has been turned out to exceed all expectations. The broad participation of stakeholder led to the build-up of regional Site Stakeholder Groups which were part of the Platform, and broadly contributed to learn the needs, expectations and requirements from stakeholders, which in turn supported the user acceptance of the Guidelines and the common agreement on energy saving and environmental performances.
  • The comprehensive technological, economical, legal or po-litical topics related to the Guidelines and their use needed to be discussed in a long-er time frame than the limited time and discussion possibilities assigned to phone conferences. Therefore it showed that this mode of communication has advantages but also constraints which make physical meetings essential.

Partners and coordinator

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TSB Technologiestiftung Innovationsagentur Berlin GmbH
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Mr Thomas Meissner
+49-30-46 30 25 61


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01/06/2009 to 31/07/2011
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