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European Eco-design Compliance Project (ECOPLIANT)

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The objective of ECOPLIANT is to help deliver the intended economic and environmental benefits of the Eco-Design Directive 2009/125/EC by strengthening market surveillance and so increasing compliance with the Directive and the relevant implementing measures. ECOPLIANT will achieve this by establishing systems to coordinate, in the most cost-effective manner, the monitoring, verification and enforcement (MV&E) of eco-design requirements across the European Single Market; and by increasing knowledge and experience of best practice amongst Market Surveillance Authorities (MSAs). ECOPLIANT will enhance the functioning of the European Single Market by ensuring that eco-design requirements are applied consistently and effectively across Member States (MS). This will help protect compliant businesses by eliminating unfair competition from non-compliant goods. It will similarly help to ensure that consumers, who purchase energy efficient products, can be confident that these products live up to the energy efficiency claims of the manufacturer. The ECOPLIANT consortium proposes to carry out a pilot project with ten MSAs.


  • Adoption by Member States of best practices on how to conduct market surveillance most effectively in the Member States.
  • Greater compliance due to increased market surveillance of products in the EEA with the Implementing Measures of the Eco-Design Directive.
  • Increased awareness of market surveillance by industry and amongst consumers.

Partners and coordinator

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Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
United Kingdom
Contact point: 
Mike Rimmer
+44(0)20 7238 4656


In brief

21/04/2012 to 20/04/2015
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