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European heating and cooling market study (ECOHEATCOOL)

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ECOHEATCOOL describes and analyses the European heating and cooling markets and demands. Furthermore it provides a tool for policy makers to assess different heating and cooling supply options. Possibilities for more district heating and cooling in Europe are evaluated. Available potentials for various heat and cooling generation sources (including renewables) as well as deriving benefits in terms of energy efficiency, energy savings are assessed. Recommendations for strategies on how to further develop sustainable and cost effective heat and cooling supply options and how to improve the use of local sources are provided. It’s the fist action of its kind. It uses a demand side approach and enables a quality check of data in the international statistics in these sectors. It provides an aggregate and comprehensive picture of the heating and cooling markets and of the district heating and cooling sectors in Europe 32.


  • Develop a framework for assessing comparable magnitudes of European heating and cooling demands
  • Identify possibilities with more district heating and cooling and available potential for combined heat and power, renewables, waste heat, waste to energy etc in Europe
  • Assess the implications from more district heating and cooling in terms of energy efficiency, savings, and lower carbon dioxide
  • Develop a tool for assessing the energy and environmental performance of district heating and cooling systems
  • Raise the awareness of district heating and cooling benefits in Europe

Lessons learned

  • International heat and cooling statistics can be improved
  • Heat dominates the energy end use and Europe wastes more heat in transforming energy than it consumes; huge heat losses are to be retrieved
  • Cooling demand grows much faster than earlier indications Last updated: 22.06.2010

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Euroheat & Power
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Norela Constantinescu
0032 740 21 10


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01/01/2005 to 31/12/2006
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