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Ecoheat4Cities (ECOHEAT4CITIES)

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The main aim of the project was to remove "non-technological" barriers, by establishing a voluntary green energy (heating and cooling) labelling scheme and by promoting municipal and public acceptance of DHC systems. The scheme has been designed to encourage DHC companies to document and market the performance of their installations from a primary resource perspective (combined effects of RES use and energy efficiency). Through Euroheat & Power membership (32 countries) and partners, the project results are transferable and usable in all EU countries as well as in the EEA/EFTA and the Energy Community.


  • A labeling scheme for the performance of District Heating and Cooling systems based on three criteria: energy efficiency, renewable energy use, CO2 emissions. The project has developed the methodology and the material for labeling district heating and cooling schemes, which will enable to roll it out throughout the EU;
  • 30+ District Heating and Cooling Systems have been test-labeled across 7 countries (DK, SW, UK, NL, LT, DE, IT);
  • Online tools available to cities, urban planners and DHC companies to compare heating and cooling options, including Excel Design tools and accompanying guidelines;
  • Promotion/visibility platform available through (list of labeled schemes, brochures and info cards, creation of poster for city campaigns);
  • High level of awareness for the labelling scheme throughout the DHC sector in Europe, achieved by means of websites, project leaflets and newsletters, workshops, presentations at numerous conferences and meetings (20+) totalling an audience of over 1,500 people.

Lessons learned

  • The development of a labeling methodology for DHC, which was not available so far, took much longer than expected due to the diversity of national situations. The implementation at the national level could only start after the methodology was available, which made it difficult to involve the national stakeholders and delayed the roll-out of the label. Despite these difficulties, the project has created solid foundations to roll-out a green-labeling scheme for DHC throughout Europe.
  • Ecoheat4cities, being part of a series of projects under the DHC+ technology platform and partnering in a number of IEE funded projects, embraced a diverse cross-project approach by transferring know-how and best practices into the project.
  • Dissemination activities started too early – more information/results were needed to generate interest from the parties.

Partners and coordinator

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Euroheat & Power AISBL
Cours Saint Michel 30a
1040 Brussels
Contact point: 
Mr Alessandro Provaggi
+32 2 740 21 10
Ms Aksana Krasatsenka
+32 2 740 21 10


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In brief

26/06/2010 to 25/12/2012
Contract number: 
IEE 09/798

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