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ECO trainEr For Fleet CommErcial truCks and lighT vehicles (ECOEFFECT)

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ECOeffect seeks to support the development of energy-efficient driving schemes in Poland, Romania and the Czech Republic by enabling the target markets to deliver eco-driver training. Eco-driving has proven benefits for commercial fleet operators. Research projects have quantified the impacts that driving in an efficient manner can have. Reductions in fuel efficiency of 5 to 15 percent can be realised if training and correct monitoring is put in place. ECOeffect will design and develop a stand-alone one day eco-driving course that will build on other European projects and knowledge from industry leaders in eco-driving. ECOeffect will also develop and design a three day train-the-trainer module targeted at training centres in the three target markets. Training providers will be invited to undergo the train-the-trainer programme and be certified to deliver the ECOeffect one day training course. Beyond that ECOeffect will promote the integration of eco-driving into professional driver qualification and certification.


  • Design and develop a one day eco-driving course that will help drivers of commercial vehicles deliver a consistent 5%-9% reduction in fuel consumption.
  • Train 100 trainers in delivering eco-driving courses and train 2600 professional drivers in eco-driving.
  • Reduce CO2 emissions by more than 1,000 tonnes and save EUR 480,000 in fuel.
  • Have the eco-driving training module certified as part of the initial CPC driver training qualification and as a requirement for the periodic CPC certification in Poland, Romania and Czech Republic.
  • Provide a sustainable business model that motivates training centres to offer eco-driving training and companies to undertake training.

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International Road Transport Union
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Zeljko Jeftic
+32 2 743 25 85


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21/04/2011 to 10/11/2013
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