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European Citizens Climate Cup (ECCC)

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The European Citizens Climate Cup (ECCC) is a competition of householders within and between countries. By competing in a sports-like championship householders form national teams to achieve the highest energy savings in the contest. The ECCC campaign will cooperate with media and important multipliers, like utilities, municipalities, tenant, owner, consumer associations, property managers, housing companies, real estate portals, producers and wholesalers. The campaign shall motivate householders to use a web tool for their energy management – the interactive Energy Savings Account (ESA). ESA collects and assesses all consumption and cost data of meter readings and energy bills. Additionally ESA users will be informed about improvement measures according to their situation by individualized emails and newsletters. ESA will also be the monitoring tool for the ECCC competition benchmarking energy consumptions of different national teams. The ECCC winner team and additionally the household with the highest energy savings and the most convincing energy measures of every partner country/region will be decorated in a final award ceremony in Brussels.


  • European wide online campaign on energy saving involving 8,400 householders and important stakeholders to enhance public awareness and information on energy consumption and efficiency
  • Measurability of the campaigns’ success and direct involvement of householders due to the adaptation and implementation of 11 interactive web based ESA software applications as energy management systems for householders in 11 different countries/regions. Roll-out plan to manage the use of ESA beyond project lifetime.
  • 8,400 participants in 11 different countries/regions registered for an ESA account providing 46,300 data records of energy consumption for space heating and electricity.
  • Large scale, cost effective energy advice was provided to 8,400 individual account holders by email, newsletters, in phone calls and at work shops, events and audits in their home. 82 % of the participants implemented energy saving measures promoted by the ECCC campaign.
  • Significant energy savings of account holders due to direct feedback to their energy balance and case specific advice (5% annual electricity savings, 4.7% annual heat energy savings). 11 national/regional energy champions with ambitious saving stories presented at the final ECCC award ceremony in Brussels (18 June 2012). The winning team Greece with 2880 participants (4 times as much as targeted) and great energy savings was awarded the Climate Cup at the ceremony.

Lessons learned

  • Online tools and social media are effective means to involve an important number of European citizens (website, social media and the energy monitoring tool ESA).
  • Monitoring tools like ESA show the impact of the campaign and the resulting activity of the target group in real-time and help householders to save energy by direct feedback. ESA data stock provides an interesting sample of real data from European householders. However, the adaptation of the web tool ESA for different counties is complex and challenging especially because of differences in heating and billing systems of Southern and Northern European countries.
  • Ambitious communication activities including lotteries with gifted energy devices are needed to convince householders to register for ESA and ECCC and to keep participants’ interest all over the campaign lifetime (one year). The same is realized for convincing registered account holders to enter their consumption data as the procedure takes time and account holders need to have their energy bills in hand or to have access to their energy meters. National campaigns have to anchor at local level.

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co2online gemeinnutzige Beratungsgesellschaft mbH
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Mrs. Tanja Loitz
Ms Claudia Julius


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03/05/2010 to 02/08/2012
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