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Energy Actions and Systems for the Mediterranean local communities (EASY)

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The Mediterranean urban systems need to consider sustainability as the axis of energy provision and consumption for decentralized settlements, developing their capacity to integrate: 1) local production of renewable energies 2) energy efficiency 3) wider scale sustainable management. The EASY project aimed to define a model of local energy systems (action plans) for small and medium urban decentralized areas of the Mediterranean region; to increase awareness, technical know-how and market conditions as well as to develop sustainable energy communities in Ancona (Italy), Sykies (Greece), Vila-real (Spain) and Split (Croatia).


  • Model of sustainable energy system integrating supply and management for local decentralized and remote areas, characterized by environmental, social and economic conditions typical of the Adriatic and Mediterranean regions
  • Local community participation in the energy planning and management processes through progressive involvement of all interested market (public and private) players
  • Progressive revitalization of the energy market basic conditions at local and regional levels, starting from the improvement of the technical know-how and the market viability in the communities. This also means a job creation in innovative sectors, quantitatively depending by the dimensions of each local community.
  • Elaboration of 4 sustainable energy action plans in the partner areas and organisation of more than 50 awareness-raising events in the communities.

Lessons learned

  • The design of energy models are very complex and require the involvement of experts from different backgrounds. This task requires a large amount of financial and human resources.
  • Stakeholder involvement was not easy to achieved. For all partners, the EASY project was the first opportunity to motivate and engage their local actors. This had a positive impact on the communities.
  • The EASY project is only the starting point and the implementation of the energy action plans are still to be organised. Nevertheless, the four cities now benefit from a strong strategic tool for developing and improving their sustainable energy policities as well as from a strong involvement from local actors.

Partners and coordinator

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Comune di Ancona
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Marco Cardinaletti
0039 0712222673


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01/12/2007 to 30/11/2009
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