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Extend Accredited Renewables Training for Heating (EARTH)

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The EARTH project is developing training courses and training infrastructure for installers of three renewable energy technologies for heat production: solar water heating, ground-source heat pumps, and biomass energy. In order for these technologies to be successfully implemented, appropriate installer training must be available to develop a qualified, skilled workforce. In many countries, such training opportunities are currently very limited, which is a factor inhibiting the use of these technologies across Europe. Under EARTH, suitable training programmes are being created to disseminate the skills required to install simple biomass, ground-source heat pumps and solar water heating systems. The work commenced with a survey and review of relevant training programmes and frameworks in participating countries. Training programmes are being developed within the existing national vocational training frameworks in the relevant countries. Pilot courses will be implemented to test the training programmes. Assistance will be provided to training organisations, including training of trainers. Pilot courses will be audited to defined quality standards.


  • Training programmes for biomass, GSHP and SWH installers (course definitions including task analysis, syllabus, entry requirements, and requirements for practical training)
  • Training materials for both trainers and students
  • Training of trainers
  • Assistance with pilot courses
  • Overview of relevant training programmes and frameworks in participating countries

Lessons learned

  • Any training programme should consider the needs of the industry, of consumers (e.g. high quality installations), but also the needs of the installers themselves (e.g. duration of training course).
  • Training courses should become part of the national training infrastructure, to ensure that they continue on an ongoing basis beyond the lifetime of the project.
  • Last Updated: 31.05.10

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IT Power Limited
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Katerina Syngellakis
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Manuel Fuentes
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