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Energy-toolset for improving the energy performance of existing buildings (E-TOOL)

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The goal of E-TOOL was to collect energy consumption data and develop a simple and practical toolset which could assist in the improvement of the energy performance of existing buildings. The toolset is based on the actual energy consumption of a building, the so called 'operational' rating, as well as benchmarks covering different building categories. The energy savings from recommended measures are calculated and the improvement in energy performance of the building demonstrated by the tool, which has been tested in different climates around Europe.


  • A simple, practical tool-set for the 'operational' rating of existing buildings was created.
  • A handbook has been developed on typical energy-saving measures including cost estimations for different building classifications.
  • The project identified that, although national divergences exist, there is a common set of energy performance measures for existing buildings which are commonly found in most countries.
  • Over 2 300 buildings in seven countries were tested for their energy performance, resulting in increased knowledge on application of auditing tools and benchmarks for performance in the participating countries.

Lessons learned

  • The most cost effective energy saving measures are mostly identical throughout Europe

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Naturgas Midt-Nord
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Jacob Fentz
0045 8727 8504


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01/01/2006 to 31/12/2006
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