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From Colleague to Colleague: Energy Checks in Small and Medium Craft Enterprises (E-CHECK IN CRAFT SME)

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The objective of this project was to develop a standardised easy-to-use energy check tool for SMEs in five different crafts in five countries: Bulgarian carpenters, German bakers, Greek bricklayer/glass producer/ painter producer, Irish small food producers and Spanish meat producers. The purpose is to swiftly identify the substantial and easily realisable energy saving potentials within each SME that is checked. This project was based on the existing knowledge published, bringing it to practical application in craft SMEs. Main objectives were: - to help SME to realise energy saving potentials and to promote the use of renewable energy sources and energy services in the craft SMEs that participate these pilot Energy Checks - to help craftsmen and women to create a new business opportunity as Energy Checkers for a wide variety of crafts and therefore increase the economic sustainability of this profession as a whole


  • E-Check Tool for 5 crafts in each of 5 participating countries was developed
  • The partners compiled the training materials for craftsmen and women to become Energy-Checkers
  • 180 (nearly twice the target figure) craftsmen and women were trained as Energy-Checkers
  • 261 SMEs were audited by Energy-Checkers
  • A Marketing concept for the Energy Check in Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Ireland and Spain was developed

Lessons learned

  • The interest of craftsmen and women to become Energy-Checkers was very high as this project creates a new business opportunity for them
  • The interest of SME to be checked was also very high as they recognized the opportunity to identify easy-to-realise energy saving measures
  • The different state-of-the-art and approaches concerning the provision of data in the participating countries made it difficult to develop a general tool and general training materials.

Partners and coordinator

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B.&S.U. Beratungs-und Service-Gesellschaft Umwelt mbH
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Ricarda Rieck
0049 221 3777686
Katja Dinges
0049 30 39042-82
Thekla Heinel
0049 30 390 42 66
Leonard Meyer
0049 30 39 042 68


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01/02/2005 to 31/03/2007
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