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Energy BITS – Young people and media for a low energy footprint (E-BITS)

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Energy BITS was a cross-media project and campaign which developed 24 documentaries, interactive web docs and interactive serious game for young people with the aim to stimulate behavioural change regarding an efficient and sustainable use of energy. E-BITS goes beyond standard communication methods and it used combined distribution platforms like TV broadcast on national TV channels and dedicated satellites theme channels (Science, Educational and Cultural Channels) as well as web streaming and a gaming platform. E-BITS engaged young people in producing user-generated-content to reinforce sustainable energy messages and the content was widely disseminated using broadcasters' and web channels.


  • The project led to the production of 30 documentaries (24 from consortium partners + 6 additional from associated broadcasters that signed up during the project) which reached an overall audience of around 20 million people through broadcasting and webcasting.
  • It produced a web interactive documentary on promoted through all media partners links and streams. Making use of moving images, stills, text and audio-elements, this interactive web-documentary will be available for being navigated through on various narrative lines, according to the viewers’ own preferences and interests.
  • A "Serious game" on to enhance young students participation on energy issues. Inspired from the codes and interactivity of video games, the Serious Game is an innovative tool that appeals young people and allows for an active pedagogy anchored in problem solving and the ability to take decisions in real life. The serious game had to date 220,000 players.
  • The project conducted a campaign "Have Your say" engaging young people in the energy topic by asking them to produce user generated content, e.g. own videos. 232 video stories were written and directed by young non-professionals, under the guidance of a professional film director and are accessible on
  • The project activities also led to the development of an E-Bits Smartphone App, during the shooting of the episode "EcoBug". The application is currently available on the android store.

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Energia-Da Ltd
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+39 347 9030727


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21/06/2011 to 21/09/2013
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