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Energy Agencies Training On Mobility In Union Member states (E-ATOMIUM)

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e-Atomium aimed to increase the knowledge and competencies of energy agencies, energy advice centres and local authority energy professionals in the field of sustainable energy use in transport. Herefore, e-Atomium adopted the following approach: 1. Analysing existing knowledge, experiences, needs and aspirations of the target group and examining competencies and skills necessary to work on sustainable energy in transport. 2. Set up of didactic strategies and develop training and educational material on 4 aspects of transport and energy savings (selected in co-operation with the target group): awareness raising, transport demand management, mobility management and alternative fuels. 3. Implemented the four training modules in six countries (Belgium, Italy, UK, Netherlands, France, Ireland). Organised a special training session in Bulgaria. 4. During training, business cases for energy agencies, local energy advice centres and energy professionals were developed together with the trainees and trainers. The business cases will help energy agencies, energy efficiency advice centres and other local energy professionals to start working in the field of transport and mobility.


  • The information provided in the reference materials and the organised training sessions is comprehensible for energy agencies, local energy advice centres and other local actors. As far as possible the training materials and examples for others to follow on the website contain country specific information from Belgium, France, The Netherlands, UK, Ireland and Italy.
  • The materials developed have been used by the different organisations and partners in the different countries without any extra adaptation. This proves the transferability of the contents.A set of reference materials and PowerPoint presentations support the training modules of the action.
  • The training modules were accessible for all energy agencies, local energy advice centres and other local actors. The material was available on the website, the detailed information and specific subtopics were were provided within the training session. These last materials are now freely available on the website of e-Atomium.
  • 233 persons have engaged in an e-Atomium training session in one of the countries. There was however a very country specific training approach that lead to differences in the number of attendees but also in the level of depth of the course itself.
  • The training sessions in the different countries have been organised by the e-Atomium partner of that country. As such, partners were responsible for organising the training modules with local trainers and according to the training culture of their country. The result is quite differening approaches between the different countries. However, success was booked in all cases.

Lessons learned

  • Networking and of involving the target groups from the very beginning : the participative process takes longer than foreseen (e.g. for the preparation of the e-Atomium materials and products) but the involvement and support to the project has been greater, also because the needs and expectations of the target group were met.
  • Successful cooperation with Treatise and Competence projects (incl. joint communication) at national level to optimise training to the target groups and resources
  • Development of business cases for a local energy agency to start activities in the field of sustainable energy use in transport was appreciated and had developed into a good blue print for energy agencies on ‘how to get started’. The enthusiasm of the partners for this document resulted in the development of a comparable version for local actors such as civil servants.

Partners and coordinator

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Elke Bossaert
0032 16 31 77 06
Raf Canters
+32 16 31 77 06
Bossaert Elke
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01/01/2005 to 30/06/2007
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