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Desarrollo de operadores eléctricos para reducción de la pobreza en Ecuador y el Perú (DOSBE)

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The DOSBE action addresses Ecuador and Peru. Currently, government agencies are leading consultation initiatives that review the nature of the electricity service operators. The project will contribute to these important initiatives, by dedicating a two-year effort to develop specific solutions for strengthening operators as well as contributing to institutional and financial policies for the integration of RET based facilities. The main areas of work are: - Review of past and present experiences about service operators in rural areas. - Development of guidelines for service. - Development of technical standards and norms for the integration of decentralised RET systems. - Implementation of the developed guidelines in on-going projects in Ecuador and Peru. - Validation of the guidelines as a main input for further larger scale implementation in the Andean community. - Capacity building and networking by organising training sessions and workshops


  • Development of an appropriate Support Guide-book for decentralised electricity service operators
  • Improved integration of decentralised RET facilities within rural electrification frameworks in Ecuador and Peru
  • Strengthening of the operational and financial capacity of decentralised electricity operators
  • Increase of cross-national and cross-regional knowledge about the role of service operators

Lessons learned

  • In Ecuador and Peru, there is a generalised acceptance of the potential of decentralised electrification via small renewable energy systems as the adequate solution for many rural communities which lie far away from the national grid. Public policies recognise this potential; however, there is a lack of effective technical, organisational and financial mechanisms to allow the materialisation of these policies.
  • There have been several initiatives (both top-down and bottom-up) in decentralised rural electrification schemes with small renewable energy systems in Ecuador and Peru (mainly individual PV systems); however detailed life-cycle ex-ante planning has not been generally taken into account, resulting in many financial problems after a few months of operation.
  • There are significant socio-economic differences between the Amazon region and the other two main regions in both countries (Sierra and Costa), which clearly conditions the service operator schemes to be implemented. Last updated: 20.07.2010

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Trama TecnoAmbiental
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Pol Arranz-Piera
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01/01/2007 to 31/12/2008
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