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Facilitating public authorities access to energy data for better implementation and monitoring of SEAP actions through effective and structured collaboration with energy data providers (DATA4ACTION)

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The main goal of DATA4ACTION is to foster collaboration models in energy data exchange between public authorities and energy data providers for sustainable energy planning at regional and local levels. DATA4ACTION aims to mobilize energy data providers and public authorities in 12 European regions to design and demonstrate partnerships based on setting up data exchange collaboration models that support the successful implementation and monitoring of Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAP). Already implemented collaboration models range from simple bilateral data exchange cooperation agreements right through the creation of regional level "one-stop shop" energy data structures that assist regional and local public authorities in all aspects of regular energy data exchange for SEAPs.More practical help will be given to 60 public authorities through a number of theme based technical workshops. The collaboration models will be transferable across European regions and designed to promote long term collaboration and partnership working. Learning from DATA4ACTION will be shared through bilateral exchanges with regions outside the project area and through an interactive cooperation platform that will be widely promoted. In total, 24 regional energy planning facilitators will commit to implementing effective collaboration models between energy data providers and public authorities within their regions.


  • design and implementation of long term collaboration models based on the creation or development of twelve (12) "one-stop shop" regional data centres which will provide assistance to public authorities to set up further collaboration agreements with energy data providers, as well as supporting them with the collection, processing and communication of SEAP data;
  • The twelve collaboraton models will have an extensive geographical coverage, representing more than five thousand (5000) municipalities and be developed collectively by regional energy planning facilitators, public authorities and energy data providers working in partnership;
  • The implementation of these supporting structures will be informed by peer learning activitites among partners. It will be supported by the signing of forty eight (48) data exchange agreements;
  • Twelve (12) Beneficiary regions or associations of municipalities outside the consortium will participate in bilateral transfer activities with the intention of implementing collaborative models with data providers. In total twenty (24) Regions will promote data exchange collaboration models for SEAPS in European level events.

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01/03/2014 to 28/02/2017
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