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Cycle Logistics is reducing energy used in urban freight transport, getting unnecessary motorized vehicles off the roads by using more cycles for goods transport in city centers in Europe: • In the area of private logistics, individuals are informed how to use their bicycle to transport goods usually moved by car, and shops are encouraged to promote this practice. • Businesses (e.g. tradesmen, window-washers or plumbers etc.) are motivated to use bikes or cargo bikes, following well-documented examples from abroad. The Goods Delivery sector is motivated to increase deliveries by cycle. • Towns & cities can replace unneeded motor vehicles and use (cargo) bikes to provide Municipal Services (e.g. street cleaning, park maintenance and cycle oriented service contracts). • CYCLE Logistics is testing and reporting on various bicycle transport products (cargo bikes, electric motors and bags & baskets), giving potential consumers across Europe (private, business and governments) access to valuable information


  • Some Focus Group Seminars have already been carried out with around 12-20 stakeholders per workshop. These are designed to enable the consortium to determine supportive frame conditions for cargo bike use in the different partner countries. The Focus Group Seminars have been very successful and a lot of interest has been shown by the various stakeholders and target groups.
  • The project Cyclelogistics as well as the concept of using the bicycle for delivery of light goods in urban areas has been presented at the International Transport Forum in Leipzig in May 2012 to about 56 transport ministers from all over Europe. The head of ECF, Manfred Neun, gave a key note speech about Cyclelogistics.
  • A European Cyclelogistic Federation will be established by partner Outspoken from Cambridge UK. The inaugural meeting will be held in Cambridge, July 14th 2012 and 45 organizations from all over Europe have expressed interest in becoming a member and at least 20 will participate in the meeting
  • The first and the second project meeting have been held in Copenhagen, DK and Ferrara, IT. At both meetings the partners had the possibility to test ride many different kinds of Danish and Italian cargo bicycle, respectively. This helped the partners to decide about the types of bicycles that were needed during their national "Living Laboratory" campaigns, where every partner leases at least 2-3 cargo bikes and provides them for free to the national target groups.

Lessons learned

  • From the reactions of the stakeholders at the Focus Group Seminars it became obvious that there is a great potential and interest in this sustainable alternative to transport that utilizes motorized vehicles, especially in urban areas that are suffering from the results of a constant increase in car traffic.

Partners and coordinator

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Austrian Mobility Research / Forschungsgesellschaft Mobilitaet Gemeinnützige GmbH
Schönaugasse 8a
8010 Graz
Contact point: 
Robert Pressl
+43 316 81 04 51 13
Claus Koellinger
+43 316 810451-66
Jörg Kastelic
+43 316 810451-36


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21/04/2011 to 21/01/2014
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