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Cross-border markets for the European bioenergy industry (CROSSBORDERBIOENERGY)

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The general objective of this project is to help SMEs to evaluate bioenergy markets in Europe in view of cross-border investments, thereby making SMEs less dependent on fluctuating domestic market conditions and strengthening the whole bioenergy industry. Five different bioenergy market sectors have been considered: biogas, small scale heating, district heating, CHP and biofuels for transportation. For each of the 5 market sectors, criteria for market attractiveness have been identified in collaboration with companies. The market attractiveness has been assessed in relation to 50 criteria summarized in 8 categories with more than 370 indicators. A Geographic Information System (GIS) tool has been developed to visualise the market attractiveness for investments. Sector Handbooks and EU Market Handbooks have been produced for the 5 bioenergy market sectors. Businesses to business (B2B) activities have ensured the involvement of SMEs and their use of the GIS tool to evaluate markets abroad.


  • Five sector handbooks on investment requirements were produced for the following sectors: biogas, small scale heating, district heating, CHP and biofuels for transport. Criteria considered by companies important in their decision making process for market development were identified. These criteria were worked out by 5 working groups made of 61 companies, and discussed during 5 workshops.
  • Five targeted market handbooks on market attractiveness containing the results of the evaluation for 5 bioenergy sectors (biogas, small scale heating, district heating, CHP and biofuels) as well as useful statistics on available biomass potential, market shares and developments. Nine countries are covered in depth (AT, DE, DK, FI, HU, IT, LV, SE, SK) while more general information is given for all other EU countries.
  • Database with all the statistics results for 322 indicators in all Europe and 52 indicators more containing extra information for the 9 partners´ countries. The complete database is publicly available upon request to the partners.
  • A comprehensive, freely accessible online database and decision supporting Geographic Information System (GIS) tool for the 5 bioenergy sectors. The market for the different sectors in the different countries (attractiveness assessed in relation to 50 criteria and more than 370 indicators) is visualized. At the end of the project more than 4150 users had accessed the tool.
  • A Business-to-Business (B2B) market place that offers bioenergy companies an online platform for their international marketing activities. Companies can register and create their profile and post offers and request on the market place pinboard. They can also access the information of the upcoming B2B events. At the end of the project more than 800 companies had registered.

Lessons learned

  • The project was too ambitious in the number of criteria and indicators to be assessed, which resulted in a massive data collection.
  • The breakdown of market attractiveness to the regional level entailed a very complex data management, not compensated by the benefits for the users.
  • Thanks to the project and the direct contacts established with companies or financing institutions the most important criteria for bioenergy market analysis could be identified.

Partners and coordinator

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European Biomass Association
Contact point: 
Mr Jean-Marc Jossart
+32 478 77 36 09
Mr Jean-Marc Jossart
+32 478 77 36 09
Jean-Marc Jossart
+32 2 400 10 29


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01/09/2010 to 31/05/2013
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