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Energy efficient Cooling in regions of North and Central Europe (COOLREGION)

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Increasing thermal load, large glass facades and a higher demand for comfort in buildings lead to a higher demand for cooling in the temperate climate zones of the EU. After heating systems, cooling systems in buildings are the installations with the highest share of energy use. In the case of cooling systems, pilot projects to reduce the energy consumption are missing. The project COOLREGION refers to this lack. Based on European and regional expert networks the knowledge about energy efficient cooling will be evaluated and disseminated. In exemplary pilot projects (for new buildings or refurbishment) possibilities to avoid and to reduce the energy use for cooling, or to use efficient cooling systems (possibly with RES), will be demonstrated. The discussion of the experiences by regional networks contributes to raise awareness of the subject of "energy efficient cooling". Further guidebooks and a web-based information platform will give support to decision makers, house owners, architects, engineers and craftsmen for energy efficient cooling solutions in the future.


  • Improved knowledge and heightened awareness about energy efficient cooling for the target groups(survey of cooling market in each country, guidelines for different building types)
  • an international and regional network of expertise in the field
  • realisation of lighthouse projects

Lessons learned

  • Data on energy consumption for cooling is extremely scarce. This applies for national as well as for regional figures. A significant effort has to be made to identify data sources and to estimate cooled surface areas, cooling loads and energy consumption for cooling
  • Cooling experts don't disseminate their know-how widely. In general, the topic is not fancy because they don't succeed in making the cooling issue plain
  • However the cooling market increases rapidly and actions have to be taken

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Gertec GmbH Ingenieurgesellschaft
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Andreas Hübner
0049 201 24564-51
Andreas Hübner
0049 201 245 64 51


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01/11/2006 to 30/04/2009
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