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Development and dissemination of cost effective strategies to improve energy efficiency in cooling systems in food and drink sector (COOL-SAVE)

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The COOL-SAVE project aims to reduce industrial energy consumption in cooling installations (vapour-compression mechanical systems) in the food and drink sector through the dissemination of cost effective energy efficiency strategies. These strategies will be based on the costs-benefits analysis of real data coming from a representative sample of 25 refrigeration plants covering all the different type of climate zones in Europe. In addition, the consortium will complement their analysis by using specific simulation models. Once defined, a guide of good practices will be developed, tested and disseminated in order to make decision-makers in the food and drink industry aware of the different available options they have to improve their cooling systems. Finally, with the help of trade and industry associations, the project's results will be spread to all food and drink companies across Europe via a series of workshops and via specific communication activities.


  • Development of 30 energy saving strategies for each climate region in order to improve cooling systems in the food and drink sector;
  • Elaboration of a guide of good practices easily understandable and applicable by all decision-makers in the food and drink sector;
  • Improvement of the energy efficiency of at least 25 refrigeration plants;
  • Organisation of national and regional conferences where Food and drink associations will play a key role ensuring a multiplier effect at industry level.

Partners and coordinator

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Instituto Tecnológico de Castilla y León
Contact point: 
Maité Cobo
+34 947 29 84 71


In brief

05/04/2012 to 04/04/2015
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