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CONSTRUCTION21 is a European platform dedicated to green building excellence, where professionals join forces to tackle crucial issues of the market transition towards sustainability. CONSTRUCTION21 gathers the best national existing players in construction. Besides national portals it is also a European-wide service, directly linked to the EU BUILD UP website. Local organisations and companies involved in the market transformation can participate and co-own this resource. 160 online communities led by experts offer a fresh perspective on the latest topics. The best case-studies in Europe are available in 7 languages. A news section, fed by professionals and media partners, disseminates the latest information available about green buildings and EU directives. One year after the launch of the 7 platforms, has become a significant stakeholder in the green building eco-system. In May 2013, 7 000 professionals are personally registered and the monthly number of unique visitors has reached 30 000. The project is now self-funded and an international non-profit association manages the network. CONSTRUCTION21 will be then able to expand into other countries.


  • - One year after the 7 platforms launch, 7 000 professionals are personally registered and 90 000 are visiting it within a 3 months period. Deploy a collaborative process for federating the work of buy-side and sell-side sustainable construction professionals in and between each country and across all of Europe, to bring transparency and dialog on costs.
  • - Almost 500 000 professionals have been directly targeted and 7,7 M° indirectly. The targets have been mobilized via a wide range of communication actions triggered by the consortium partners: emails, press news, content sharing on social networks, events…
  • - 460 case studies are online. The case-studies are built to allow declaration of products, systems and devices used to reach excellence, with full data available, in order to facilitate dissemination of innovative solutions. Case-studies are also "celebrity driven" as they are ranked by performance indicators, to trigger competition under a transparent model. The strategy behind case studies is to: facilitate benchmarking, taking up of ideas and follow up of providers and solutions.
  • - 160 online communities are opened, mostly held by experts in their field, where practitioners can share information and best practices on hot topics. Some of them are trans-European groups, as " Life cycle assessment", "Energy performance contracting" or "Green planning" communities. They gather several hundreds of professionals on the 7 platforms. Contents issued from the national platforms are consolidated on the European community in English.
  • - Such a collaborative tool has really met the needs of multiple stakeholders, professional associations as companies, media or academic bodies/ 189 partnerships involving 2 M° professionals have been signed in order to develop Construction21 visibility or contents.

Lessons learned

  • The need of both national and European platform about sustainable building has been confirmed by building stakeholders. The national scale is the more relevant to collect contents: professionals need to share information and promote their innovative realizations with peers belonging to the same market and using the same language. The European scale is an additional benefit, offering a larger perimeter for promotion of innovative solutions and a window of the best practices from other countries.
  • The need of a web platform to accelerate best practices dissemination about sustainable building has been clearly confirmed by all professionals. Nevertheless, due to the low usage level of social networks with in the building community, it has been necessary to develop personalized training and assistance to help Construction21 early adopters to handle the tool, identify the benefits they could get from it and integrate it progressively in their professional habits.
  • Competition engine is a powerful tool to incite building professionals to share information with their peers. Construction21 team has experienced that with the Sustainable Urban Building Awards 2013. The perspective of a large visibility of their realizations on the 7 Construction21 platforms and all the media which have relayed the information has incited numerous professionals to enter their most performing buildings in Construction21 database, adding 100 new case studies in a few weeks.

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05/05/2011 to 05/05/2013
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