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Compliance of TVs with the energy label and ecodesign requirements (COMPLIANTV)

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The ComplianTV project aims at providing a fully-fledged and detailed methodological guidance to allow EU Member State market surveillance authorities to face the new legislative and market challenges for TVs in an effective and cost-efficient way (with a support of aligned concerted testing and the development of a database). The project includes: - analysing the implication of the new energy labelling (labelling declarations) and ecodesign regulations (minimum requirements) provisions on the surveillance activities by carrying out ad-hoc surveys on Member States authorities and retailer associations; - carrying out an assessment of the compliance of TVs in the framework of the new energy labelling/ecodesign regulations through the verification procedures; - improving the know-how and testing capability of laboratories that have to face the new and complex measurement method for TVs. This capacity building action is carried out through harmonisation and coordination between laboratory partners and other laboratories; - evaluating the outcomes of the test cases and consequent definition and proposal of corrective methodologies.


  • Development of a guidance methodology and testing database of at least 90 different models of TVs.
  • Increased motivation of manufacturers in manufacturing energy efficient models.
  • Improved compliance rate of future display devices and higher level and better consistency of MSAs activities.
  • Increased capacity building in terms of testing skills for laboratories (not only within the consortium).
  • Higher consumer confidence and better understanding of Energy Label and Ecodesign regulations for the general public.

Partners and coordinator

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Shailendra Mudgal
+33 (0)1 53 90 11 80


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01/04/2013 to 30/09/2015
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