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Comfort monitoring for CEN Standard EN15251 linked to EPBD (COMMONCENSE)

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The European standard EN15251 was recently adopted to define acceptable indoor temperatures and light levels as the basis for energy calculation. The provision of comfort is a key concern for building designers. Mechanical cooling is energy intensive. Naturally ventilated (NV) buildings with fewer energy costs cannot control indoor conditions closely. Formally standards have used comfort models which favour close environmental control so NV buildings have been looked on as second-rate. EN15251 allows NV buildings more freedom for environmental variation in line with the findings of comfort theory. This project seeks to use existing information from field surveys to test the limits set by EN15251 for temperature and lighting and to validate its recommendations using existing data and building simulations. The findings will be widely disseminated among key actors and stake holders in the countries of the consortium. A website will be initiated with documentation and workshops.


  • Verified methodologies for testing buildings against the comfort compliance criteria of EN15251 consistent with the energy consumption reduction targets of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive.
  • Energy efficient buildings with reliable certification without compromise to occupant comfort.
  • Strong interaction and collaboration with national and international professional bodies.
  • National workshops and international conferences for dissemination to professional audiences and teaching materials for academic use.
  • Identification of limitations and difficulties of application with recommendations where necessary for future revision of EN 15251.

Lessons learned

  • Under finalisation - the project outcomes and conclusions are presently under preparation
  • Visit the web-site for currently available documentation

Partners and coordinator

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Sonnergy Limited
United Kingdom
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Michael G Hutchins


In brief

01/12/2007 to 31/05/2010
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