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Creating Optimal Mobility Measures to Enable Reduced Commuter Emissions (COMMERCE)

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COMMERCE has successfully improved the quantity and quality of Workplace Mobility Plans in the EU, thanks to a transfer of knowledge between 2 sets of city partners and the input of the EPOMM Platform. Mobility Plan Forums - Each partner has set up a focal point to inform and persuade public and private stakeholders of the economic and environmental benefits of adopting mobility plans. Mobility Plans are now being developed as a result in London, Paris, Bucharest, Budapest, Kaunas and Plovdiv. Mobility Plan Standards - These transferable standards, in a glossy publication, allow the user to benchmark mobility plan quality as well offer a step by step approach to mobility plan improvement. Mobility Plan Training - We delivered a successful training programme where experts in London and Paris led skill sharing programmes to quickly enhance knowhow in the New Member States to encourage businesses and local authorities to adopt and promote Mobility Plans. The result has been a rapid increase in the interest, support and delivery of this mobility management tool. Mobility Plan Awards - We have delivered 3 years of Pan European Workplace Mobility Plan Awards (PEWTA.


  • Paris has developed their own successful Mobility Plan Programme called Pro’Mobilité. It is already showing 100 Mobility Plans in operation, with more than 275,000 employees covered. Their website has more information
  • In London, we have developed the Golden Mile Transport Group, a model example of a mobility plan network, involving 45 organisations, covering 20,000 staff. It delivers a number for shared travel plan services for its members, deriving economies of scale such as real time public transport departures on your desktop and a pool bike scheme for members. More information:
  • Online Mobility Plan Forum established, allowing users to upload and download resources, in different languages, access a chat forum, review best practice travel plans and standards. Go to the COMMERCE Group page on
  • Innovative Travel Plan Group established in North East Kaunas, giving travel plan coverage to 30,000 employees across six businesses.
  • Travel Plans (business and municipal) set up for the first time in Bucharest, Budapest and Plovdiv, where at the start of the project, these were unknown tool.

Lessons learned

  • Significant progress can be made in integrating WTPs into public and private sector strategies, in cities with little previous awareness, providing you have a comprehensive support package available. COMMERCE adopted a skill share programme (training, mentoring and shadowing) based on a pragmatic approach (practical examples of WTP measures, "quick wins" approach). Working in a consortium of Leader and Learner partners allows for swift and efficient transfer of expertise, empowerment and buy-in.
  • Branding is a vital tool in the embedding of Travel Plans into a local framework, both in the eyes of prospective adopters of Travel Plans, and also to the policy makers in making it a tangible service. Such successful brands have been those of the Golden Mile and Pro-Mobilité.
  • Whilst Travel Plans afford organisations four broad areas of benefit: health, economic, environmental and social, in general, the best way currently of convincing businesses to adopt a Travel Plan is to provide examples and case studies showing the economic benefit, i.e. the potential cost savings to employers and employees.

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London European Partnership for Transport
United Kingdom
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Paul Henderson
+44 2079349547


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08/10/2007 to 07/10/2010
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