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Sharing urban sustainable energy strategies - promoting the Covenant of Mayors (COME2COM)

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Come2CoM aimed to promote the Covenant of Mayors within Europe by empowering cities and municipalities to prepare baseline emissions inventories and a Sustainable Energy Action Plans. Large information campaigns were held and reached more than 5.000 local authorities. More than 300 individual consultations with mayors were held and the partners provided tailored assistance to some 120 cities on SEAP development, on how to integrate relevant stakeholders in the discussion and on how to finance the measures that feature in the plans.


  • To promote the CoM throughout Europe: - 7069 cities informed on the CoM through mailings - 104 cities signed the CoM - 323 personal consultations with mayors and city representatives have been carried out - 108 presentations about the CoM were held at events, 5,579 participants reached - 15,507 participants were reached through 71 stands at events
  • To support CoM cities in setting up their SEAP: - 121 cities intensively supported in elaborating a SEAP and a baseline assessment - 28 SEAP have been handed in until the end of the project, 65 were about to be finished (70% or more of the work done) - 658 mayors and representatives from municipalities have been supported in SEAP development through seminars
  • A report describing the methodologies and tools applied for developing a SEAP and a baseline emission inventory has been written.

Lessons learned

  • Technical assistance is key: Municipalities need assistance in elaborating a SEAP. The assistance given by the come2CoM partners was essential for municipalities to set up and finalize a SEAP. Many struggled to finish the SEAP within a year’s time. Often data availability or provision was a huge problem. Others had insufficient English language skills or claimed about a lack in know-how or personnel. Many needed help in filling in the BEI/SEAP spreadsheet template.
  • Involvement of regional networks and forerunners: In several countries the partners experienced that the collaboration with a regional network is very important, especially in Belgium, Sweden and the UK. Such involvement often leads to many municipalities signing up for the CoM as a group. These networks or higher authorities also take over the position as forerunners giving an orientation to the municipalities.
  • Exchange: Often municipalities expressed their wish for exchange. In come2CoM this was realized during workshops where a focus was laid on first-hand experience and time for discussion. However, municipalities feel that these possibilities for exchange should be increased and not only on a national, but also on a regional level. Exchanges between the CoM and other initiatives such as E5 was seen as fruitful.

Partners and coordinator

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B.&S.U. Beratungs- und Servicegesellschaft Umwelt mbH
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Ms Meike Löhr
+49 30 3904295


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01/05/2010 to 30/04/2012
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