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Collaboration for Housing nearly zero-energy renovation (COHERENO)

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The project showed how existing barriers to effective cooperation can be eliminated and better services for customer segments can be developed. While technological solutions for NZEB renovation are available at a demonstration level, there is a lack of supply-chain collaboration models. Better communication and awareness of each other’s activities is one of the central ideas in promoting better collaboration between different service providers. Therefore, during the early stages of the project, experienced market players in participating countries and their roles within the renovation chain were mapped. Business Collaboration Events (BCEs) were organized in participating countries (AT, BE, DE, NL, NO) to counter supply-side market fragmentation and encourage collaboration. BCEs paved the way for the uptake of new business models and represent the starting point for a long-term nZEB renovation network beyond COHERENO. With participants of the BCEs expressing interest and other interested nZEB frontrunners real business models were developed. The whole final conference can be seen via YouTube:


- The organization of 10 Business Collaboration Events (two in each of the five partner countries) to inform and encourage stakeholders to collaborate. - 19 collaborative structures involving more than 50 organisations in the partner countries have been set up and can enter the single-family owner-occupied housing market. - 'nZEB radars’ to be used as tracking tools to identify nZEB single-family house renovations and to map frontrunners in the supply-chain. - Report on the "Mapping of frontrunners in nZEB renovation of single-family houses" and on "Barriers and opportunities for business collaboration in the nZEB single-family house renovation market". - Report on "Customer segments and value propositions in the nZEB single-family housing renovation market". - Hands-on recommendations on Quality Assurance practice.

Lessons learned

- nZEB radars are useful tools to track energy efficient renovations. - Listing of frontrunners in nZEB renovation is important for professional actors to match as well as for home-owners searching for experienced collaborative companies. - It takes time to establish a tight business collaboration, to build trust between partners and to find the appropriate model for the group.

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Technische Universiteit Delft
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Ad Straub
+3115 2782769


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01/04/2013 to 31/03/2016
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