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European Campaign for the Development and Documentation of 1000 Small-scale Cogeneration Projects in European Cities and Towns (COGEN CHALLENGE)

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As part of a three year project, COGEN CHALLENGE included an 18-month information campaign on the benefits of small-scale cogeneration in European cities and regions. The campaign starts in February 2006 and it concentrates on the regions of Steiermark (Austria), Wallonie (Belgium), Rh?ne-Alpes (France), Hessen (Germany), Asturias (Spain), and on Slovenia. Small-scale cogeneration is defined as installations with a maximum capacity of 1,000 kWe. It is typically used in houses and apartment buildings, hospitals, universities, office buildings, airports, swimming pools, leisure centres, hotels, greenhouses, and many industries. The project addresses economic, technical, and administrative barriers, and the widespread lack of information, which prevent the wider use of this promising energy efficiency technology in Europe. The launch of the campaign coincides with the coming into force of the European Cogeneration Directive in early February 2006. This Directive creates a framework for the promotion of high efficiency cogeneration in Europe and represents the first European directive especially dedicated to this technique.


  • A successful organisation and delivery of the European information campaign with outreach to many local and regional actors across Europe through a series of about 30 workshops, seminars and media events
  • An extensive library of fact sheets, brochures, best practices, contact lists and calculation tools has been produced
  • The main campaign goal, being the documentation of 1,000 documented small-scale and micro-cogeneration projects across Europe, has been achieved, demonstrating that small-scale cogeneration is feasible, reliable and adaptable to the needs of many users
  • Five new regional information and support facilities/facilitators for small-scale cogeneration have been set up in five different European countries

Lessons learned

  • The importance of raising awareness on cogeneration is equalled by the difficulties this challenge implies
  • Information campaigns work only if tailored to the local level
  • European-wide information campaigns need to have a strong focus on best practice exchange and on the "training of the trainers"

Partners and coordinator

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The European Association for the Promotion of Cogeneration
Contact point: 
Thomas Bouquet
0032 0 2 772 82 90
Stefan Craenen
0032 2 772 82 90


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01/01/2005 to 31/12/2007
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