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Cogeneration Observatory and Dissemination Europe 2 (CODE2)

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CODE2 will disseminate the lessons learned from the previous CODE project and will structure and support the development of national and European CHP roadmaps. CODE2 will also develop "How-to" guides focused on understanding the CHP legislation and business case to simplify first steps for new users interested in expanding CHP deployment in specific sectors (food, paper, hospitals and commercial premises). CODE2 will focus most of its effort on 7 pilot Member States where the process of roadmap development and refinement will be first used. Then, guided roadmap approach and the lessons learned through developing roadmaps with the pilot Member States will be used for developing a concrete and realisable European Roadmap to 2030 as well as national cogeneration roadmaps for all 27 Member States. The individual National Cogeneration Roadmaps will provide actionable improvement proposals in the areas of awareness, policy development and market opportunities.


  • Launch of important national market consultations for developing the cogeneration roadmaps in the 7 pilot Member States. This consultation process should lead to the establishment of coalitions on CHP at the Member State level involving industry, policy-makers and interests groups.
  • Identification of the potentials for micro-CHP and bio-energy CHP at Member State and European level.
  • Better understanding of the gap in terms of policy strategies. This should result in the proposal of concrete actions and changes in order to ensure the inclusion of CHP in Member State's energy efficiency planning.
  • Identification of the most attractive sectors for CHP expansion in each Member State.
  • Development of "How-to" guides for heat host owners in four target market sectors (food, paper, hospitals and commercial premises), which can be used by businesses, local authorities or other professional groups interested in expanding CHP deployment.

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Fiona Riddoch
0032 (0)2 772 82 90


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01/06/2012 to 01/12/2015
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