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Clearinghouse Facilitation - Paving Way for Better Energy Building Performance in EU Less Developed Regions (CLEARSUPPORT)

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The ClearSupport project aimed at supporting EC’s intentions for establishing Clearinghouse for small-medium scale energy projects with focus on Energy Efficiency in building. The project targeted project owners – municipalities and residential & associated actors – in the following regions: Latvia, Lithuania, Northern Poland, Czech Republic and Crete. The results of the performed work and its replication value were disseminated broadly, especially aiming at ‘paving way for better energy building performance in EU less developed regions. Clearinghouse Support could indeed sustain both EC’s efforts in this field and deliver input to the design of the concrete fund programmes at regional/local level. Thus the project was also a testing ground for new financial instruments and clearinghouse type schemes in the varying regions of EU.


  • Impressive results ‘on the ground´: ClearSupport has fostered 230 energy efficient building investments via the Project Service Facilities. Out of these 230 projects, 36 projects are already implemented and for 72 the financing is approved and thus likely to be implemented in near future.
  • Studies and tools on improving the investment framework: The ClearSupport project team has examined what improvements can be made of the financial, technical and regulatory framework to provide better conditions for investments. This has been accompanied with the elaboration of a number of tools that have been adopted by the PSFs and this way helped to qualify the PSF operations.
  • Offering a concept for replication: The project team finds that the ClearSupport achievements are so prosperous that the PSF concept deserves replication on broader European scale. A Guidebook has been developed for this purpose and the project team made strategy recommendation.

Lessons learned

  • Targeted and coordinated assistance to energy efficiency projects can significantly accelerate the identification and the implementation of these.
  • Local support combined with exchange of know-how and experience in an European Network can contribute to improve the quality of project documentation and implementation.
  • Experience from the PSF process can contribute to develop framework conditions in RUE projects at the local level as well at the EU level.

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Energy Consulting Network ApS
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Nils Daugaard
Nils Daugaard
0045 2826 5655
Mr Nils Daugaard
+45 3250 8800


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01/01/2007 to 31/12/2009
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