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Clean Drive - A campaign for cleaner vehicles in Europe (CLEAN DRIVE)

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Clean Drive is an action for cleaner vehicles in Europe. It aims to increase awareness and implement actions by car-dealers, car-rental companies and car-leasing companies as a part of the strategy to achieve the EU overall objective of 120 g fossil CO2/km in average from new sold cars by 2012-2015. In 2007, the average new sold car in EU-25 emitted 158 g fossil CO2/km. To reach the 120 g CO2 objective there is a need to reach a decrease of around 25 % total or around 3 percent per year until 2015 compared with 2007. The Clean Drive Action is based upon a working model tested in Sweden that generated positive results. It foresees the establishment of 10 local action groups and national supporting networks as well as training and awareness-raising programmes. Thanks to this process, car-dealers will feel more comfortable to discuss environmental issues with their customers and as well recommend and sell more energy- and climate-effective cars. A key in this development is to show that environmental issues go hand in hand with economical interests.


  • Increased awareness by the main target group about environmental issues, the EU overall objectives and benefits to sell cleaner vehicles
  • Implementation of well planned campaign-activities to inform and train the customers to purchase cleaner vehicles
  • Evidence that participating car-dealers who successfully have implemented the action model are able to meet the overall 120 g CO2/km-objective in new sold cars until 2012
  • Evidence that participating car dealers will in average double the share of the total sale of cars that emit under 120 g CO2/km (16% of the total sale in EU-27 2008 is the baseline) until 2012
  • The Clean Drive action model will be improved and disseminated for wider introduction of cleaner vehicles in Europe

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Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden
Contact point: 
Lena Eckerberg
Hannele Johansson
0046 470 72 33 25
Mr. Jonas Lööf
+46 706 550 771


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16/04/2010 to 15/04/2013
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