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The european platform for CITIZEN investment in renewable ENERGY (CITIZENERGY)

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Renewable energy is inevitably decentralised which allows regionalised energy production and the participation of consumers as ‘prosumers’ – people who themselves produce the energy they consume. We are currently on the cusp of a new Europe and as European citizens we have the unique opportunity to shape the energy production and supply that we want.CITIZENERGY offers more than just the opportunity to investment in renewable energy projects – it lets European citizens participate in the future of Europe’s energy mix. By choosing the projects you want to support and fund, you can build the energy infrastructure you want.Coming in May 2015, CITIZENERGY is an online renewable energy investment platform that will:1. Match EU citizens with investment opportunities in renewable energy projects across Europe.2. Support local renewable energy projects and their promoters, e.g. cooperatives and developers.3. Setup a European network of citizen energy initiatives, identify barriers to citizen investment and provide recommendations.4. Promote the European-wide transfer of key business models that help finance renewable energy projects.


  • A EU platform for citizen RES investment, connecting EU citizens with local RES project opportunities all over the EU is created, resulting in the promotion of, at least, 12 new citizen RES projects, with an installed capacity of 11,75MW in, at least, 10 European countries (6 in the consortium and 4 outside the consortium), within the project’s duration;
  • More than 6 000 citizens are directly engaged and invest in RES projects, resulting in a 14,6 M€ citizen investment in RES projects promoted in the scope of the action;
  • A European level network of stakeholder for citizen investment in RES projects will be set up to promote a favourable EU framework for the creation of citizen RES projects and foster integration and synergies between key actors EU-wide. It will be composed of at least 25 members before the completion of the project that will subscribe at least 3 joint position papers on legislation under preparation at EU level;
  • Main barriers to citizen engagement and investment in RES projects in at least 10 countries (DE, ES, FR, NL, PT, UK - and other countries where citizen RES projects are implemented during the leveraging stage) are identified and recommendations towards the creation of an European framework that favours citizen engagement in community energy initiatives are developed, contributing to the ongoing demand for a common framework for citizen investment (crowdfunding), will be developed;
  • A tailor-made communication plan, a practical handbook with 6 RES business models typified and a Helpdesk to support citizens and RES promoters using the CITIZENERGY platform will be developed, resulting in the direct information of at least 15 000 citizens and 100 000 visitors to project’s website and platform, and motivating key actors to promote citizen RES projects and target groups (citizens and citizen groups) to engage and make informed investment decisions.

Lessons learned

Project started one year ago. A beta version of the platform is already on-line. The final release is planned for summer 2015.

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Llani Tena Ligero
+34 932049922


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01/03/2014 to 28/02/2017
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