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Commercial Finance for Sustainable Energy Projects (CF-SEP)

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Energy efficiency and Renewable energy projects still require a special treatment both at the side of investors/project developers and financial institutions. Investors have to be assisted in the preparation of documents necessary for project presentation to the banks and the bank officers have to learn the specifics of these types of projects determined by their physical nature and legislative basis in respective countries. This project provided basic information about the financial market to the investors/developers helping them to prepare the documents necessary for application for commercial financing. Training courses were organized for bank personnel of selected banks. Accumulated information was disseminated by different channels (seminars, web pages, press articles, distribution of CDs)


  • Financial Manual summarizing the potential financial sources for EE and RES projects
  • Best practice Financial manual containing instructions and recommendation for the creation of Feasibility Studyand Business Plan and lessons learnt in participating countries
  • Assistance provided to client in preparation of materials requested by banks to applications for financing
  • 25 project Case Studies (5 per country) prepared for presentation purposes
  • Training seminars for bank staff highlighting the special features of EE and RES projects. More than 15 banks received training in risk assessment for projects related to energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. In these trainings, more than 400 persons have participated with about 3/4 being loan officers and 1/4 being credit managers.

Lessons learned

  • The major concern of investors at RES projects is to secure a subsidy to cover a portion of the investmentcosts. Commercial financing for the rest is then much easier to obtain.
  • The banks are still rather rigid and concentrate more on the assessment of the applicant (future debtor). Thesituation is improving but the banks need expert assistance in assessing the technical and economic project risks
  • The investors should start to prepare the financing in parallel with the technical project development. Preliminary consultations with the banks might help to better structure the project in terms of realization stages, business entities involved and future contractual relations.

Partners and coordinator

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SEVEn, Stredisko pro efektivni vyuzivani energie, o.p.s.
Czech Republic
Contact point: 
Mr. Juraj Krivošík
+420 224 252 115
Juraj Krivošík
00 420 224 252 115
Bohuslav Malek
00420 221 592 523
Juraj Krivošík
00 420 224 252 115


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01/01/2006 to 30/06/2007
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