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Cycling Awareness Raising and MArketing (CARMA)

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CARMA seeks to develop new methods for the marketing of cycling that lead to increased levels of cycling. Instead of mass communication, the project will focus on selected target groups. It will link communication activities to the implementation of cycling infrastructure to promote cycling. This approach will be of particular importance for areas where cycling infrastructure is insufficient and resources will naturally be focused on building that infrastructure. CARMA will help European cities to find ways to focus their resources on those sections of the population that are willing to change their behaviour. CARMA will: (1) Analyse the different types of cyclists and their needs. (2) Develop target group identification maps, taking into account geographic conditions, demographic data and local knowledge. (3) Build the capacity of staff to implement target oriented communication concepts. (4) Develop and implement marketing campaigns in Budapest (HU), Goeteborg (SE), Eindhoven (NL), Kensington & Chelsea (UK), Parma (IT) and Riga (LV)


  • Identify target groups with the highest potential of changing travel behaviour in favour of cycling.
  • Develop target group identification maps.
  • Run 38 campaigns of different kinds in all CARMA cities to increase knowledge and improve attractiveness of cycling.
  • Target 100 000 students and 40 000 employees. Hold 54 internal and 36 external network meetings as well as 36 focus group meetings.
  • Increase levels of cylcing and save 28 GWh/year, equivalent to 8772 tonnes of CO2.

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City of Göteborg, Traffic and Public Transport Authority
Contact point: 
Lisa Sundell
0046 31 61 37 24
Mr Håkan Perslow


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01/05/2010 to 30/04/2013
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