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Carbon Detectives Europe (CARBON DETECTIVES)

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The project 'Carbon Detectives' aimed at encouraging greater integration of sustainable energy education in schools across Europe resulting in a more energy literate society and a reduction of CO2 emissions. The project activities focused on the development and use of an innovative website tool that contained both educational materials and a CO2 calculator especially designed for the needs of schools. The website was a means for students to share ideas. Some 3,750 schools across 10 countries were to be engaged in the project and students asked to develop and implement carbon action plans. They also had the opportunity to enter a European competition. This project enhanced teachers and pupils understanding of intelligent energy use, provided the adequate tools to enable schools to measure their CO2 emissions and changed personal behaviour of children across 10 countries.


  • The project developed a detailed carbon calucaltion and action planning tool for schools which is available in 8 languages (EN, DE, BG, CZ, HI, LT, RO and SI). 2950 schools registered to use the tool.
  • Elaboration of 550 carbon action plans by participating schools and 194,000 students reached through the action.
  • Participation of 259 schools in a web based international carbon competition. The main purpose of this competition was to encourage schools to implement their Carbon Action Plan, to give schools an opportunity to share ideas in intelligent energy solutions with other schools and to support the project to achieve its targets.
  • The didactic and teaching material as well as questionnaires developed in the project are of high quality and can be used for further teaching on the subject of sustainable energy and climate change. They are available in all project partner languages.

Lessons learned

  • Longer timespan to allow educational programmes to establish in the market would be beneficial as many schools did not want to engage in a short term project.
  • Focus needed on hands on school engagement in addition to any web-based activities.

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Building Research Establishment Ltd
United Kingdom
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Ms Zsofia Nagy


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01/06/2009 to 31/05/2012
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