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Concerted Action supporting transposition and implementation of Directive 2002/91 EC of the European Parliament and of the Council. (CA EPBD II)

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A joint initiative of the EU Member States and the European Commission, the Concerted Action EPBD was launched in 2005. It involves the national ministries, or affiliated institutions, charged with preparing the technical, legal and administrative framework for the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (2002/91/EC) in each country. Aiming to enhance the sharing of information and experiences from national adoption and implementation of this legislation, the original Concerted Action ended successfully in June 2007, having resulted in vital sharing of information to reach common understanding and steps towards harmonised implementation. A second phase, running from December 2007 until November 2010 was launched in face of national delays in implementation of the legislation and challenges due to its scope. It is organised around meetings between national teams, regularly bringing together over 120 participants from 29 countries. It is accompanied by other support measures to enhance communication, including a web platform and national update reports. The Directive itself is considered a significant legislative component of the energy efficiency policy of the EU.


  • Effective schemes for energy performance certification of buildings, tailored to national needs
  • Appropriate schemes for inspection of boilers and air-conditioning systems
  • National Reports describing how the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive is being implemented in each of the 27 EU Member States, plus Croatia and Norway (Status in 2008 and 2010)
  • A series of Core Theme Reports related to the main challenges of the Directive, describing and analysing the different options available for effective national implementation
  • A series of reports on technical topics of broad interest arising from discussions within the action

Lessons learned

  • Selected remarks from participants: "The CA EPBD II has been a very valuable forum to discuss different options raised in the final harmonisation process of the energy economy and heat retention part of the Austrian construction laws and to learn from other countries experiences". [Austrian Institute of Construction Engineering]
  • "Direct contacts, in particular with others directly involved in the preparation of national regulations or their implementation, has contributed to better consideration of potential problems and obstacles, and has also contributed to the creation of our own implementation path. In particular the exchange through study tours deserves special mention". [Croatian Ministry of Environmental Protection, Physical Planning and Construction]
  • "The Concerted Action has been especially useful to transpose the articles 7, 8 and 9 of the Directive, to have ideas for the development of our different approaches (mainly on the energy performance certificate), and to create contacts with experts from other Member States". [General Directorate of Urban Development Housing and Buildings of the Ministry of Ecology, Environment, Sustainable Development and the Seas]

Partners and coordinator

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Agência para a Energia
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Eduardo Maldonado


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01/12/2007 to 01/11/2010
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