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Clean Last mile transport and logistics management for smart and Efficient local Governments in Europe (C-LIEGE)

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C-LIEGE overall objective is to define a shared policies and measures for an energy-efficient urban freight transport (UFT) demand management and planning through a cooperative approach between public and private stakeholders addressed to the reduction of energetic and environmental impacts of freight transport in EU cities and regions. In order to reach this objective, C-LIEGE will promote energy efficient and cleaner freight movements in urban areas and define a novel set of integrated solutions and "push-and-pull" demand-oriented measures. C-LIEGE is conceived as a leading initiative to support energy efficiency in urban freight transport and to promote use of renewable energies sources when delivering goods. C-LIEGE will develop, test and transfer successful soft measures and tools to achieve energy saving and reduction of CO2 emissions. The European relevance of the C-LIEGE approach is ensured through pilot experiments in 6 EU countries: Bulgaria, Italy, Poland, UK, Germany and Malta. The project will target decision makers and professionals in administrations as well as the freight mobility supply industry.


  • State of the art review of EU good practices in energy-efficient UFT domain • Production of a comprehensive EU state of the art on UFT past and current experiences • At least 15 good practices in-depth analyzed
  • Premium Quality Partnership for Freight in the 7 pilot cities • Establish a local Freight Partnership in each C-LIEGE pilot city • Production of Local Freight Development Plans (LFDPs) in each C-LIEGE pilot city
  • C-LIEGE toolbox for the establishment of the City Logistic Manager • Definition of novel set of demand-oriented soft measures for an efficient and energy saving organization of goods transport and delivery in urban areas • Definition of a City Logistics Manager in each C-LIEGE pilot city
  • Transferability plan for local Governments on energy saving and sustainable demand management in UFT • New Accession Countries having access to Transferability plan • C-LIEGE workshops PPAA attendants considering setting up their own LFDP and putting in place their own City Logistic Manager
  • Action Plan to improve energy efficiency of urban freight transport in EU Member States • Recommending to the EC at least 15 measures to make UFT demand more efficient, sustainable and professional • Propose at least 10 policy statements focused on the introduction of new EU recommendation and regulations on City Logistic Manager

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01/06/2011 to 30/11/2013
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