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Buy Smart - Green Procurement for Smart Purchasing (BUY SMART)

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Buy Smart has promoted, implemented and further developed the instrument of green procurement (procurement of energy efficient products) in private and public institutions, using the established green procurement guidelines developed in the GreenLabelsPurchase project. The project has not provided new tools but addressed the main barriers which are presently hampering a broad implementation of green procurement. With extensive training offers, capacity building has been be enhanced. Policy recommendations have been developed and channelled into the discussions to strengthen green procurement in the revision of the NEEAPs (national energy efficiency action plans) in 2011.


  • A website with lots of information about green procurement has been developed. The website is available in English and for Germany, Latvia, Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Sweden and Czech Republic in national languages. An analysis of the state-of-the-art in green procurement as well as the project evaluation is available for Europe and the partner countries. Information about 33 labels is presented.
  • All procurement tools developed in the former project GreenLabelsPurchase have been updated. Short introduction brochures and guidelines, performance sheets, calculations tools and training modules and for the product groups vehicles, green electricity, office equipment, lighting, building components and household appliances are available on the Buy Smart website for download.
  • 15 collaborations have been made with e-procurement platforms and strategic partners like associations for municipalities and businesses. National steering committees have been established.
  • 460 consultations, 168 in-house consultations and 70 trainings have been performed. This resulted in 37 finished pilot projects with savings of 105 GWh/year and in addition 2,500 GWh/year for the two unexpectedly large pilot projects preparing purchasing guidelines for Berlin and Donauwörth.
  • The dissemination activities were very successful. 127 presentations about Buy Smart have been given, 40 national newsletters send out and 220 media coverings gathered. The final conference took place during EUSEW in Brussels. A good practice database containing 141 (92 new cases) examples of green procurement helps procurers to establish contact to other purchasers.

Lessons learned

  • Awareness for EE and environmental aspects has been raising a lot over the last three years and more and more purchasers are willing to consider EE criteria in their procurement processes. In addition, the legal requirements (e.g. Directives 2009/33/EC and 2010/30/EC) lead to the necessity for public purchasers to get information. Although procurement is mainly a national issue there are often not many sources of help on national level. Especially public purchasers are not all fluent in English.
  • Still a lot of education is needed to implement the concept of life cycle costs. It is useful to start with easy to use tools and only to focus on electricity costs before implementing more complex tools.
  • E-procurement has not been taking off as good as expected. In some countries e-procurement platforms did not want to sign a cooperation agreement, although they were happy to present information about Buy Smart and set a link to the website.

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Berliner EnergieagenturGmbH
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Laurenz Hermann
+ 49 30 – 29 33 30 69
Eva Marx
+49 30 – 29 33 30 67
Vanessa Schmidt
+49 30 – 29 33 30 63
Achim Neuhäuser
+49 30 – 29 33 30 601
Claudia Alt
+49 30 – 29 33 30 36
David Uong
+49 30 – 29 33 30 603


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01/05/2009 to 31/10/2011
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