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Building Advanced Ventilation Technological examples to demonstrate materialised energy savings for acceptable indoor air quality and thermal comfort in different European climatic regions (BUILDING ADVENT)

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The main objective of this project was to support the implementation of low energy ventilation systems by capturing good ventilation practices and widely disseminating them. Designers are informed about 18 non-domestic buildings which have low energy ventilation systems. These buildings are located in three different European climates: one with high cooling loads; one with high heating loads; and one with moderate heating and cooling loads. Heating, cooling, electricity loads, CO2 levels and ventilation rates were all monitored, while building occupants were also surveyed. The 18 case studies demonstrated how the design techniques can be included in a wider range of building projects.


  • A report on the classification of existing building ventilation technologies.
  • Eighteen 8-page brochures on selected buildings. These are aimed at building services engineers and architects to aid them in the design of low energy ventilation systems.
  • A web resource centre with full details of the project and its outputs; plus links to other relevant projects, events and organisations.
  • A suite of informative slides for lectures and presentations. These allow industry professionals and academic course leaders to pass on the design information obtained in this project.

Lessons learned

  • Building Advent has very effectively demonstrated many of the particular circumstances in which particular low energy ventilation systems have worked. From this, designers are able to approach future projects with a firmer understanding of which systems can work in which building types and in which climates.

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Buro Happold Limited
United Kingdom
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Andrew Cripps
0044 (0)20 7 927 9771


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01/02/2007 to 31/07/2009
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