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Setting up Qualification and Training Scheme on Energy Efficiency and Use of Renewables for Craftsmen (BUILD UP Skills STAVEDU)

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The Project commenced implementation of the Roadmap established and endorsed under Pillar I Build Up Skills project in Slovakia. The project covers over 30 blue-collar professions in the construction and energy sector relevant to energey efficiency and use of renewable energy sources in buildings. These professions are divided into 9 groups for which training programmes are being developed. The project identified skills and knowledge relevant in these groups of professions to energy efficiency and use of renewables in buildings and developed qualification standards that define the skills and knowledge on which the training programmes will be focused. On basis of these qualification standards, the project developed curricula of these training programmes and currently the efforts are focused on finalising the content.The project is also aimed at facilitating investment into skills and in this respect it aims at launching a green construction growth in the construction sector (currently in development) and setting up a network of companies underpinning the qualification and further training scheme.In 2016, the project will finalise the content of the training programmes, training of trainers and will launch the national qualification and further training scheme for craftsmen and on-site workers on energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources in buildings.


  • Set-up framework for the national qualification and training scheme for on-site workers in the field of buildings with national network of supporting employers in the field of buildings
  • Develop 9 training programmes for on-site workers and 1 training programme for on-site trainers and assessors with defined matrix of learning outcomes and testing for validation of the learning outcomes and certification
  • Network of trained trainers for delivering training programmes for on-site workers in the field of buildings and testing the learning outcomes,
  • Network of on-site trainers and internal assessors of issues to be addressed in on-site inception training,
  • Recommendations for financial measures to be established to encourage the participation of craftsmen and other target groups to cross-trade training programmes and SMEs to invest in further education. These recommendations will be addressed to Slovak Government.

Lessons learned

  • A join workshop of working groups for qualification and assessment standards and the main stakeholders was organised on 19 November 2014 to validate the groups of professions for which the training programmes would be developed, to validate framework of the training in respect of technologies and building materials, to develop draft qualification standards for groups 1 to 7, to review the project objectives with stakeholders and discuss priority measures, the scope, content and the expected outcomes of the qualification and training scheme;
  • 8 qualification standards were produced, reviewed and approved by the internal quality review team; these qualification standards have defined learning outcomes of the training programmes and were included in the National Qualification Framework (NQF) linked to EQF;
  • A Join StavEdu, ingREeS, Train-to-nZEB and CrossCraft conference and workshops were organised during the exhibition Coneco/Racioenergia 2016 on 7 April 2016 in Bratislava, Slovakia to disseminate outcomes of the projects;
  • 8 curricula were developed for Groups 1 to 8 of craftsmen and on-site workers in the sector of buildings on EE and use of RES;
  • Drafting content of the training modules for Groups 1 to 8 of craftsmen and on-site workers in the sector of buildings has progressed to approx. 40% of the work accomplished;
  • Key stakeholders for preparing stakeholders’ dialogue were identified and drafting group of stakeholders was set up to produce initial draft of the proposals.

Partners and coordinator

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Zvaz stavebnych podnikate ov Slovenska / Association of Construction Entrepreneurs of Slovakia
Viedenska cesta 5
85101 Bratislava
Contact point: 
Dr DOKTOR Frantisek
+421 911421844


In brief

18/07/2014 to 17/07/2017
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