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The initiative BUILD UP SKILLS SLOVAKIA prepared the National Policy for Vocational Education Improvement in Construction for blue collar workers (on-site workers), to face the challenges of the green economy, namely Energy Efficiency (EE) and Renewable Energy Sources (RES). The focus of the project was vocational training for on-site building construction workers. Construction quality has been shown to have a significant impact on a building's eventual energy consumption. Therefore the skill level of construction craftsmen is crucial to achieving low energy targets for new buildings as well as refurbishments. Primary target groups were construction workers and installers of building services equipment, but also their supervisors. The project targeted all trades and professions involved in construction affecting final energy performance.


  • On the basis of the Roadmap, three ministries drafted and agreed on a "Strategy for Setting up a Complex System of Further Education and Training in the Sector of Buildings". The Strategy took on board the Roadmap and the proposed measures for achieving the key and supporting objectives, as well as the action plan proposed in the Roadmap. The relevant Ministries signed official statements of endorsement.
  • National Qualification Platform and stakeholder engagement : Total number of organizations participating in the platform: 31 (including consortium) After the end of Pillar I, the NQP became a network of stakeholders from professional education. This coordinates VET policy as well as identifying resources for VET in EE and RES in buildings.
  • National report on training needs and gaps (Status Quo Analysis): Number of workers involved in the (construction/building/craftsmen and other on-site workers): 173 040 in 2011 Number of workers requiring training: 47 000 Number of workers currently trained: 14 000 (estimate based on data from 2006 and 2009). Professions with the highest needs: bricklayers; insulators; plasterers and dry mounting installers; installers of sanitary equipment; plumbers; roofers; carpenters; HVAC installers.
  • Roadmap recommending: Develop a national scheme for vocational education and training aimed at skills and knowledge for energy efficiency and renewables in buildings. Launch a scheme of certification and skills testing, including quality control. Ensure appropriate sources of funding to support delivery of objectives, and additional incentives, adequate financing of the lifelong learning scheme and motivating employers to use a skilled and certified workforce.
  • Closer cooperation with representatives of competent ministries, institutions and organizations involved in the process of "greening" in Slovak Republic. Dialogue was facilitated between those stakeholders who can bridge the gaps between the theory and practice which the Slovak Republic faces fulfilling the 2020 energy targets. Commitment of all stakeholders, including the Slovak government, ensuring the sustainability of the action after the end of the project.

Lessons learned

  • Preparation work for the Status Quo Analysis revealed a lack of systematic statistical recording of data in Slovakia. Collection of much information is not compulsory and is thus neglected by many institutions. Estimations therefore needed to be derived from old or incomplete data using interdisciplinary methods and cross-referencing, interviews and survey results.
  • The stakeholders came to appreciate the importance, necessity and relevance of this project to Slovakia's construction industry. The project was welcomed by all relevant state institutions and its outputs led to the creation of a strategic document endorsed by three ministries and expected to be approved by the Slovak Government.
  • The project highlighted a previous lack of communication between a wide range of stakeholders active in the construction sector, and managed to encourage new dialogue.

Partners and coordinator

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Zvaz stavebnych podnikate ov Slovenska / Association of Construction Entrepreneurs of Slovakia
Viedenska cesta 5
85101 Bratislava
Contact point: 
Dr DOKTOR Frantisek
+421 911421844


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06/06/2012 to 06/12/2014
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