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National Qualification Scheme for Construction Workers to Ensure High Performance Building Envelopes (BUILD UP Skills QualiShell)

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The project aimed to develop and support the implementation of national qualification schemes for installers of thermal insulating systems and high efficiency windows systems. The focus of the proposed approach was to ensure high performance building envelopes by developing effective tools to embed adequate knowledge and skills in the relevant occupations, fostering evolution in the national qualification system and in the vision of key stakeholders in construction sector, moving towards the actual implementation of nZEB in Romania. The project aimed to: (1) activate relevant stakeholders to validating, implementing and monitoring the proposed qualification schemes, (2) perform a thorough occupational analysis, explore internal and external resources for training in the construction sector and define adequate procedural framework; (3) develop and validate two national qualification schemes for building insulators and window system fitters, by defining training courses and evaluation tools; (4) raise awareness, ensure an effective communication process between stakeholders and develop effective mechanisms to support a large scale implementation of the schemes until 2020 and beyond.


  • Continuing the involvement of relevant stakeholders within the Romanian Qualification Platform, in a sustained consultation process to support the implementation of key measures defined in the BUILD UP Skills Romania Roadmap
  • Detailed occupational analysis for clear definition of relevant competences for thermal insulators (ETICS installers) and insulation windows systems installers, together with the substantiation of flexible mechanisms to ensure continuous revision of the occupational framework for the addressed qualification schemes
  • National qualification scheme for opaque building envelope insulation systems installers (ETICS installers) to ensure the need for qualified workers by 2020
  • National qualification scheme for window system fitters (installers of thermal insulation carpentry and efficient glazing) to ensure the need for qualified workers by 2020
  • Effective mechanisms to ensure a large-scale and long lasting implementation of the two developed qualification schemes, by use of existing networks, evaluation of competences acquired in non-formal and informal environments, and promotion of effective partnerships between education system and construction sector

Lessons learned

  • The national qualification system is under major changes in the evolution towards European framework and requirements. Similarities with other systems have been identified (e.g. Spain) and some models could be successfully applied in Romania (e.g. special fund for training/ qualification managed by tripartite body) if adequately promoted at political level.
  • In order to develop the training market to fill the qualification gaps, drivers are needed: updated legal framework and procedures for tendering process in public funded energy renovation programs (set up quality levels and requirements for certified qualification) + compliance (‘sticks’), dedicated financing sources and mechanisms for training in the construction sector (‘carrots’), authorities’ involvement in stimulating partnerships between EDU and IND.
  • There is a need to change current practices and mentalities in the construction sector: for the managers of construction companies – to understand the importance of qualification level in relation to obtained quality, efficiency and productivity, as well as for the employees – to generate a self-control attitude (which could be obtained by qualification). The effective implementation of nearly zero energy buildings requirements in the near future represents a great challenge which cannot be adequately undertaken without mastering the application of new concepts and technologies, which implies higher qualification level for workers.

Partners and coordinator

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Institutul Naţional de Cercetare - Dezvoltare în Construcţii şi Economia Construcţiilor –Buc
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Horia Petran


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01/10/2013 to 31/07/2015
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