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Energy Training for Construction Workers for Low Energy Buildings (BUILD UP Skills QualiBuild)

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BUILD UP Skills QualiBuild targeted craft workers and operatives in the Irish building construction Sector, to train them in low-energy building construction. By focusing on quality buildings, of which low-energy buildings is a priority theme, this created greater opportunities for the construction supply chain to take ownership of the issue. BUILD UP skills QualiBuild addressed one of the main issues identified within the Irish Build Up Skills (BUSI) Roadmap i.e. all construction workers lack the core knowledge in relation to low energy buildings. This will bewas done by a) Developing a Foundation Energy Skills Programme for the target group b) Implementing a Train the Trainers programme to increase the knowledge and competency of trainers involved in construction training. The Irish Build Up Skills Roadmap highlighted the need to back up training provision with mechanisms which allow workers to benefit, in the market place, from having taken such training. Building on experiences from other schemes in Ireland, the project developed and implemented an industry backed Quality Building Training Registration Scheme.The National Roll Out Plan set a path for the full implementation of the BUSI Roadmap, transfer ownership of BUILD UP Skills QualiBuild outputs to relevant stakeholders and also set objectives for post 2020.


  • Established the project web portal at, with a branded project logo and relevant social media outlets.
    • Constant news items, updates of events and project information is being added for communication and dissemination purposes.
    • Targets at homeowners, construction workers, site supervisors, professionals, academics and government bodies.
  • A Train the Trainers programme to increase the knowledge and competency of trainers involved in construction training in Ireland with content available in hardcopy and on-line.
  • Target to train 100 trainers  - There will be 76 trainers trained with 4 of them training the FES course.
  • Train the Trainers course (Certificate in Low Energy Buildings) target 100 trainers (10 ECTS Special Purpose Award)
    • Completed 3 courses in Sligo, Dublin and Cork with 44 participants trained.
    • Phase 2 includes 2 courses to complete in March 2016 for 37 trainees.
  • Development of a Foundation Energy Skills programme targeted at all construction workers and operatives with content available in hardcopy and on-line.
    • Training 200 construction workers is on target with 157 in the process so far. 
    • Delivery of courses (daytime and evening deliveries)
      • 7 courses completed in Cork, Dublin, Galway and Limerick 
      • Started 3 courses in Dublin, Limerick and Galway with an additional course in Waterford in April. 
      • Additional courses for speciifc bodies
  • The Implementation and Evaluation Report has been delayed due to the phasing of the courses and is now due for completion in March 2016.
  • Background research for the Register have been finalised. Positive on-going discussions held with relevant Government Bodies. Tender process is underway for the design and development of the registration system
  • Researching the Funding mechanisms to ensure success with the national roll out. Various discussions are being held with SEAI, SOLAS ans ETBI to discuss who will manage the courses and the register.
  • A proposal for a Continuous Progressional Development (CPD) scheme for trainers in the construction sector. 
  • Target 200 construction workers complete the training, 100 trainers are trained, mobilisation of EUR 1 million of additional funding for additional training and support activities.

Lessons learned

The decision to offer workers the option of attending either daytime or evening courses was successful and provided a degree of flexibility. Larger companies tended to favour the day option and smaller companies or individuals were more likely to participate in the evenings.Promotion of the training scheme was helped by using a variety of media including videos and radio interviews, but also word of mouth proved to be effective.The duration of the Foundation Energy Skills course for 3 days appears to be sufficient for the achievement of the learning objectives while being acceptable to individuals and employers from a time perspective.Many participants expressed a preference for more practical demonstrations and/or hands‐on training on the course.The vast majority of individual participants and employers are of the opinion that a FES course or similar is important for all onsite construction workers, with many believing that it should be a mandatory training requirement.

Partners and coordinator

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Limerick Institute of Technology
Contact point: 
Ciaran Lynch
+353 (0)504 28101


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01/11/2013 to 31/07/2016
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