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The project aimed to bring together the building sector and establish a national consultation platform to develop a roadmap to drive the training of on-site building construction workers and installers of renewable energy systems until 2020 and beyond. The project team – LNEG, DGEG, ADENE and ANQ – provided support to the relevant national authorities in energy, education and training areas, and involved the national stakeholders from industry and social partners, as well as training institutions and crafts associations.The project team – LNEG, DGEG, ADENE and ANQ - give support to the national authorities in energy, education and training and, therefore, have the potential of gathering in this action the relevant national stakeholders from industry to social partners, as well as training institutions to crafts associations. The project work is developed at three different levels. The starting point analysis and the roadmap definition are performed at core team level. But contacts with stakeholders will be promoted from the beginning, in order to engage them in the National Qualification Platform (NQP), thus, constituting the second level. In NQP working sessions, the action plan


  • ANQEP, together with the Sector Council of Energy and Environment and Sector Council of Civil Building, is updating the qualifications developed in the National Qualifications System and reviewing some of the professional profiles and the training standards related to the renewable energies. ANQEP is presently conceiving a technological platform to give support to the Sector Councils to share, reveal and dematerialize the information produced in the scope of the Sector Councils for Qualification
  • National qualification platform and stakeholder engagement : Total number of organisations participating in the platform: - from the vocational training sector: 7 - from the building sector: 7 - from the energy sector: 20 Number of meetings organised: 10 The platform will continue beyond the lifetime of the project.
  • National Report on training needs and gaps (status quo report): Number of workers involved in the (construction/building/craftsmen and other on-site workers): 55000-65000 Number of workers requiring training: 31200-46400 Number of workers currently trained: n.a. Number of workers involved in the (construction/building/craftsmen and other on-site workers): 55000-65000. Number of workers requiring training: 31200-46400.
  • Endorsement expressed by public authorities responsible for the areas of energy, education and training policies as a Joint Order, and by stakeholders as protocols, agreements or letters of intent, as long as they support the pillar II of Build-Up Skills action.
  • The structural measures of the roadmap mainly regard the Vocational and Educational Training (VET) system and consist of a set of recommendations to improve the current qualification standards or to regulate activities/qualifications. The operational measures consist of training programs targeted to the identified skills needs. The supporting actions act as drivers for training the workforce as well as for creating EE and RES requirements in companies, building owners and general public.

Lessons learned

  • The short-groups meetings were an occasion for better exploring the stakeholders expectations about the project, as well as their ideas and experiences.
  • A lesson taken is that the project should walk using both feet: (i) doing consortium "homework" by researching, delineating, summarising and planning; (ii) exploring all the issues/outputs with experts with field expertise/stakeholders in order to confirm the project’s outputs and new ideas to keep moving forward.

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National Laboratory of Energy ang Geology, I.P.
Contact point: 
Helder Jose Perdigão Gonçalves
+351 210 924 666


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05/11/2011 to 04/05/2013
Contract number: 
IEE/11/BWI473 - SI2.604354

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